Debating the Believer in an Online Forum...

I am seriously entertained when debating believers in a Forum setting. I'm currently involved in a few threads such as "Biblical Archeology" and "God Said"...

Currently there is no evidence of God saying anything (that goes without saying) and Biblical archeology thus far has not provided proof of anything supernatural in the Bible.

Why is it so hard for a believer to recognize that they have no proof, only speculations and faith, to back their claims?

When (or better, what can be done) will these sheep admit to the lack of evidence and complete reliance on words in a book?

Dunno. Just thinking out loud.

Anyone wishing to join the discussion, I will email the links to some funny ass stuff...

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I'd like to start a day of Atheist Evangelism online. Someone tried it once last year to combat a similar plan proposed by Christians.

I know of a few sites set up as mostly secular which have been overrun with preachers of the good news. Perhaps some of you would like to join me in planning this event?
Nothing profound from me here on this. Just if you enjoy it, then great, I have done t same myself and enjoyed it.

If you start expecting reason and rationality from them tho, you are setting yourself up to be frustrated as their goal isn't really getting to the truth as they operate on a different plane.

If you knew someone was in a dangerous situation like their house was fixing to explode or be struck by a giant meteor and this someone wanted to debate some particular point w you, then probably you wouldn't care too much about any truth involving any particular point. Instead you would probably think you had an obligation to do whatever it took to save them from being killed.

Theists usually seem to believe that they have an obligation to save anyone who believes different from them.

On the other hand, I donot think all arguments are completely hopless. While my deconversion took decades, it was basicly evidence, reason, and rationality that swayed me.
Reliance on Words in a book, Faith, is considered a virtue. Within the box of belief it's an auto-correcting means of keeping them in the box. Within the box there is an answer for any reason you may want to step outside the box in terms of the beliefs and norms within the box. Any reason you want to step outside the box indicates a "spiritual" problem, doubt or sin.
Another reason is that they believe for reasons other than reason so reason makes no difference. They didn't get into the box by reason, they are not likely to get out of the box by reason either, although some do.

"The Bible says such & such place existed on Earth, and modern archeology has discovered such & such place on Earth, therefore the supernatural claims in the Bible are true."


My favorite non-sequitur. :)




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