Am I 100% certain that there is no god or intelligence that created the universe as we know it? No. I am 100% sure that the Bible and its believers are dangerous. By destroying the the very underpinnings of their faith i.e. the bible/Word of God it may force them to be honest and it may liberate them.

There are some excellent atheist videos on Youtube. My favorites are The Cult of Dusty, The Amazing Atheist and Pat Condell. Dusty Smith was a Christian until he actually read the Bible and now he debunks the shit out of it in the most entertaining ways.

I troll Christian chatrooms as a Calvinist and post parts of Calvinist doctrine called TULIP. TULIP destroys all other Christian doctrine and basically makes going to church futile. This is why the Dutch Reformed Church is mostly defunct.

There is a sound economic reason for destroying Christianity and that is the tithe. The tithe is the 10% of the a church goers gross income that goes to the church. Let's say that 100 million Christians tithe. If each family tithes $4000 that represents $400,000,000,000 that goes untaxed and goes to a tax exempt scam. 

The best debunker of the Bible is the Bible. Using logic on a Christian is like trying to extinguish a fire with gasoline. Using the Bible really can plant the seed of logic when they are actually shown the contradictions and absurdity that is the Word of God.

The moral reasons for destroying the Abrahamic faiths could fill a book. I urge people to aggressively oppose Christianity and Islam. Do it for your kids.

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While you're on YouTube, check out the stylings of Steve Shives.  He's been making YouTube videos for a couple years, and for the last two, has been dismantling christian apologetics books, from Lee Strobel's The Case for Christ to Josh McDowell's Evidence That Demands a Verdict.  No, he's not an adept philosophy major or a seminary student turned atheist.  He's a smart young man who figured it out and frankly expresses himself damned well.  Worth your time.

Also, if you're not aware of it, you owe it to yourself to have a look at The Skeptic's Annotated Bible.  Truly classic stuff.

...........or if he wants to see the bowels of Atheistic self-expression go to Athée Voyous 無神論者悪漢

That is my take as well. No mater how much our universe seems to act in a materialistic non gawd directed manner a gawd set on hiding from us could always be possible.

Otoh we can be 100% sure t biblical gawd doesn't exist as explained therein due to t contradictions. My fav is how it doesn't get thru t very first item, t creation myth wo contradicting itself. Either plants were created befor or after man. But we can be 100% sure they didn't both pop into existence for t very first time both before and after each other.

If I had to pick one thing I believe most valuable about being an atheist/sceptic, it would be getting a better handle on knowing what exactly it is that I don't know. Just as one can't know there is a god, as theists belief is based on mere faith, one can't 100% know there is not a god, as surely if there were, it would be able to hide from us.

Why any being whose only accomplishment is hiding should be worshipped or admired Idk. But that is a seperate matter.

I'm just curious: what evidence anywhere suggests that an intelligent, incorporeal being is possible?  I know we can't disprove the existence of anything supernatural, but what evidence is there FOR the supernatural?  The existence of any kind of god to me seems less likely than a tornado roaring through a junkyard and assembling a '58 Edsel. 

I cannot say with 100% certainty the an intelligence is not responsible for existence but the evidence is indeed lacking. Science my provide that answer someday.

The word supernatural is ambiguous. There are unseen things and I am intrigued by the human consciousness project and Freud's theory of the collective unconscious.

If there is a God that rules this world then that God is 100% malevolent. I like to point that out to Christians and Muslims.


We have ZERO evidence for the supernatural. We do, however, have plenty of evidence for supernateral books and reality TV shows on the subject.

Define supernatural.  There is the "god particle". There is a likelihood that there are other beings in the universe that would appear godlike to many humans. 

Is the universe "god'? God is just a word and it means something different to believers. The Abrahamic god is a nasty maniacal despotic psycho who lives in the clouds and punishes his creation for his own incompetence and isn't that how life is for most people? Most people born have rotten lives and if there is an intelligence responsible for this earthly existence that intelligence is evil.

If humans evolve perhaps we will be captains of our own destiny. I see the Dark Ages and the current Islamic Dark Ages the reason that the human race is less advanced than it could be. Humanity could have eliminated disease, extended life span, explored other dimensions had it not been for the god of Abraham.

Let's assume that the God of Abraham is the real deal and in a sense as a meta being it is real. There is some evidence that human consciousness as an effect of events. A maniacal god would confuse the language like in the tower of Babel story. He would kill nearly everything on earth in a hissy fit. He would establish religions that start wars and increase suffering. He would punish and stifle free thinking.

When it comes to god I am not an atheist living in Switzerland. I attack attack attack!!

God Is Hate 

"Supernatural" is that which exists outside the detectable natural world.  Of course, as soon as we can detect something, it is revealed as part of the natural world and therefore understood as subject natural laws, i.e. the laws of physics, so there can be no evidence for the supernatural.  I expect that believers see God as outside space and time, outside the natural world, so there can never be evidence for His existence.

If we do one day encounter aliens with superior technology, they might seem like gods, but once we can detect their presence (reliably, whether through our own senses or their extensions, that is, instruments, experiments, etc.), they will stand revealed as--most likely--flesh and blood, like a human impostor who is injured and begins to bleed.  As for the God particle, if it's real but seems supernatural, then we simply haven't discovered the means to detect.

So where is this supernatural world?  Between your ears.


I agree. When kids mention god and religion, they should be told that god is very much like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. In a short time they will figure it out.

In fact, every Easter I tell people that I had a dream and Jesus was holding the Easter Bunny. The bunny had a basket he was holding and both the bunny and Jesus were waving at me. It's so strange to me that the gullible christians wonder what this is and what it could possibly mean. Usually I tell them it means that somebody threw that rabbit into the tomb. Most of them still don't get it.

Another thing they do not get is Jesus spending 3 days and 3 nights in the ground. Anyone with a Buybull can do the math and see that this just was not so!

Didn't the God of the Bible make the sun stand still at one point?

(Sorry, that's out of a different part of that collection of fairytales, history, pseudo-history, pseudoscience, morality, and immorality.)

YES! Joshua asked god to "make the sun stand still" so he would have time that day to finish his battle. (Joshua 10:1-15) Apparently everybody thought the sun orbited around the Earth. Surprise! It's the other way around. The sun does move however. It takes the sun about 230 million years to orbit through the Milky Way galaxy. This means that none of us will ever know if god made the sun stop or not.

So much here for nutjob Buybull "science." The fact is that the apologists will say it's alright because we know what Joshua was asking god to do anyway.

No, it isn't alright. It's nutjob Buybull logic. They made it up like everything else in there.

Didn't the God of the Bible make the sun stand still at one point?

THat would cause the mother of all tsunamis!  If the earth suddenly stopped spinning.




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