Is there anyone who, like me, underwent this similar process? Like you realized you didn't believe in any of it and turned atheist after you got confirmed in your former religion?

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Probably many of us here. I realized I was atheist recently and I'm 50 but my daughter realized it in college. I say realized because for years our whole family went through the motions out of tradition but I don't think anyone was every really buying it. My daughter was the first one to be able to break the spell of the Catholic guilt trip and the rest of us eventually followed suit.
Good for her! Now that I think about it myself..I believe I was following the family tradition myself as I was apathetic about religion in general and felt that people should just believe what they want..I didn't really take a stand until fairly recently (hence, my atheism).
I was confirmed about a year before I decided I didn't believe any of it. Even at the time of Confirmation, I had doubts. Only went through with it because it was expected of me.
Whoa Jacob same with me, haha I did it more out of family tradition than anything else


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