Does a religion require a belief in a supreme being? Is Buddhism, or Scientology a reDoes a religion require a belief in a supreme being? Is Buddhism, or Scientology a religion? The web site defines Buddhism as a religion and Scientology as a non-denominational movement. Why aren't they calling Scientology a religion too? The definition of religion on seems vague. It appears that they don't know how to define religion, but know one when they see it which is why Buddhism counts as a religion but Scientology doesn't. Maybe it has to do with how long it's been around. The idea of Buddhism being an atheist religion seems like B/S to me.

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Why should we take advice on sex from the pope? If he knows anything about it, he shouldn't!
George Bernard Shaw You might as well get the definition of religion from Conservapedia. I checked, it's a hoot.

When in doubt, check an encyclopedia like Britannica.

Britannica does educate about religion rather than attempt to define it. This is the first time I heard of Conservapedia.

LOL; encylopedia's the worst enemy of jehova's homies
they're all 'end of the world bs talkers
meanwhile you have pages of disasters and dates to boot. go figure.. we're still here
yet the climate surely is off schedule .. or.. yeah the petrol done heated up the earth


cult hideaways for the Emotionally Distressed People

this does a good job too:


Ha Ha Ha Ha.


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