Let's put it right up front: "The Newsroom" is fiction, drama, designed (mostly) for entertainment purposes.  Will McAvoy is a fictional news reporter and anchorman, who gets his script from Aaron Sorkin.

That said, let's get the points he makes here down for the record:

Those points again:

  • Ideological purity
  • Compromise as weakness
  • A fundamentalist belief in scriptural literalism
  • Denying science
  • Unmoved by facts
  • Undeterred by new information
  • A hostile fear of progress
  • A demonization of education
  • A need to control women's bodies
  • Severe xenophobia
  • Tribal mentality
  • Intolerance of dissent
  • Pathological hatred of US government

Too much of the above is Christian Reich True-Believer ideology, taken to its logical conclusion.  It is the petulant spoiled-brat mentality, insistent on its own way and throwing tantrums until it gets its way.  No compromise, no "reaching across the aisle," my way or the highway.  What it is is one-party government, Karl Rove's ideal of a "permanent republican majority" ... and a de facto obviation of the principles which this government was founded on.

No, women are not having their noses chopped off or acid splashed in their faces for exercising their rights ... but the point is that there should be NO challenge of their rights based on illegitimate sources, and the bible is in no ways legitimate as an authority on what a woman's rights should be.  Yet women's rights to control their bodies IS being challenged.  Bullshit is being promoted as fact (witness Todd Akin) and pseudo-science approved for teaching in classrooms in Tennessee and Louisiana.  Religiosity remains a bellwether for suitability for public office while atheism remains anathema.

Not one of the points mentioned above deserve to be any form of American policy, yet several of them, in modified or disguised form, are current planks in the GOP platform.  I find that disconcerting and frightening, at minimum.

Don't you?

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And before the Koch Brothers, it was Dick Armey funneling money through various channels, to bus the screamers in (from other congressional districts) at the town hall meetings to oppose health care and threaten violence. Puppet masters is correct.

Loren, you and Sorkin have done it again, tell it like it is, in strong, descriptive, challenge to outrageous beliefs. I will not ask you this time, I am posting your words with attribution. Great, fantastic comment!

You WON'T ask, eh?  Harrumph-harrumph-harrumph!  [chuckle!]  Just glad you enjoy my stuff, Joan!  Rock on!

Thank you, my wise word-smith!


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