US House of Representatives attack Political Science!

A different agenda amendment to the 2013 spending bill for the US National Science Foundation (NSF), which was approved by the House of Representatives in May. The amendment, proposed by Jeff Flake (Republican, Arizona), would prevent the NSF from funding political science, for which it awarded about US$11 million in grants this year.

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Do these guys want the electorate to be IGNORANT of the political process, so they can go their merry way without interference?  [Do I really want an ANSWER to that question?!?]

They already know all about political science. It's in their theme song.

Aagh! Don't even think that. This humor is not to my taste. Too horrifying, even as satire.

I've always liked Randy Newman, and his razor sharped and biting satire. Two of my favorite songs of his are "Rednecks," about hypocritical northern condemnation of southern racism, and "Short People," a condemnation of bigotry in general. And, a great runner-up is "The Great Nations of Europe," about the genocide of native people in the 16th century.



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