Does anyone de-god their paper money? I read something online about this recently. Apparently quite a few people do something to negate the word "GOD" on paper money, including a small red circle with a line through it over the word "GOD". I've also read that this is in fact not illegal, although the system would have you believe it is. I think this has to do with the law stating that one cannot mutilate money with the purpose of rendering it useless, which this action does not do. I've even seen a few such paper bills this was done to and no one even noticed when I spent them.

Just wondering how many atheists stand up for separation of church and state by doing this. It seems to me that printing IN GOD WE TRUST on money is a clear violation of the separation of church and state and implies a state-sponsored religion, which violates the first amendment.

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That's a good replacement word!
I know some people put an "L" in God so it becomes In Gold We Trust.
Considering the current state of the dollar - it seems our "trust in god" isn't working out that well.
LOL! Well said!
I typically cleanse my money before spending it. On bills like the $1, where the words are near each other, i completely black out GOD and put above it: THOR, ZEUS, REASON, or just something random that crosses my mind at the time, GREED, OIL, or any other fun words to stick in there. On the $20 and $100, where there is a big space between GOD and WE, I typically write over GOD to make it say GOODNESS.
I de-god my money using a rubber stamp I got from Normal Bob Smith's website. I highly recommend it. For the record, I have no affiliation with his site. I just love his product and use it on my money.
I too use a stamp, after using a felt marker to cover "God".
I wonder if I should mess with the word "TRUST" so my money says IN GOD WE TWIST, or IN GOD WE TUSH.
Simple and to the point ... I LIKE IT!
I have only done it twice.
I wrote Darwin Loves you on the back of a $1 bill on the border, I got this idea from a christian that once paid me (I'm a cashier) with bills that have the entire reverse boarders covered in bible verses.
The second time I did it to a $20 I just used a pen to write over the d in god with an O and add a new D to the end so it read "In Good We Trust."
Fortunately, our money does not contain the word "god" anywhere.
A little bitmap magic...

God also comes off with an eraser so it's IN ___ WE TRUST.




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