Does anyone de-god their paper money? I read something online about this recently. Apparently quite a few people do something to negate the word "GOD" on paper money, including a small red circle with a line through it over the word "GOD". I've also read that this is in fact not illegal, although the system would have you believe it is. I think this has to do with the law stating that one cannot mutilate money with the purpose of rendering it useless, which this action does not do. I've even seen a few such paper bills this was done to and no one even noticed when I spent them.

Just wondering how many atheists stand up for separation of church and state by doing this. It seems to me that printing IN GOD WE TRUST on money is a clear violation of the separation of church and state and implies a state-sponsored religion, which violates the first amendment.

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I thought that i was the only one that did this i am glad to see that other people do this to.
I cross out the whole "In God We Trust" part and write "Atheist Money" on it. I always hope some little old xtian gets it and freaks out.
I could not care less what my money says as long as I have have enough of it - and it's still worth something.
There's no mention of god on English money, but some of it has Charles Darwin on. What would the reaction in the US be if god was replaced by Darwin?

I used to do so, but I remember reading somewhere that it is illegal to do so. I won't lie and say I never do it anymore, but I'm not as adamant about it as I used to be.

I do believe it is in clear violation of the first amendment and can't believe that the nation let this happen in 1954. It just goes to show what kind of hold McCarthyism had on the nation. Very much like the Bush Terror/anti-Islam & patriotic hysteria that gripped the nation for a while after 9/11.




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