Deleting discussions...closing discussions...deleting comments..argh

I just spent some time answering a discussion topic, and now apparently the entire discussion has been deleted.  A few others had taken the time to share some interesting thoughts, and then poof, the whole discussion was gone, meaning someone felt that all the contributors comments werent worth keeping along with their own comment. 

I realize thats just the way things work in this brave new world, but I have to vent again...because I feel its really not right to delete what other people have written without their consent or knowledge unless they have written something that violates the guidelines of the site, and even then only the admins should be able to delete said comments IMO, and with great trepidation.

Am I alone in this?  Is it ethical for an OP to delete any or all of the comments posted to a thread they started in spite of the fact that the comments and conversations posted may have been valueable to those who contributed?  I realize OP's DO have this power, I am just questioning if it is right.  I dont think it is.  Do you?

Maybe on the internet there should be a "contributors bill of rights" that ensures they will receive a copy of an entire thread that they contributed to should it become necessary to push said thread into oblivion.  I dont know.  Maybe I just need to up my dosage.

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By the way I am NOT picking on A/N here, this is a general ethical dilemma regarding message boards and social networks across the internet. As these things become more and more prevalent in our lives, new ethical questions will inevitably need to be addressed.
It could just be an Ning fluke. I've heard that if you change the title of a post after you have posted it, then it will mess up the link because of something or the other. Also, the search feature does not always work, either. I can't find my own past discussions using search, and I have to go through page after page.

I would submit an email concern at the bottom of the page and see if you can get any answers. It may be unintentional. I doubt any of the moderators would just delete it without saying anything.
In this case I'm reasonably sure the OP deleted the discussion, and this is less of a "technical issue" than an ethical question.

Further to this point, should OP's have the power to delete a discussion containing the comments added by others?

One thing I am aware of is the network creator themselves has the ability to delete the entire network. The network could represent years of commenting, friendship building, trust building and incredible efforts around various posts that a suddenly crazy or angry network creator could just delete in 1 second.

All this, in my mind, bears serious consideration not just for A/N,, but for the internet in general.
Yeah, I guess so. But it appears to be their right, at the present moment, especially since they pay the fees. : )
I didn't see that discussion, but you are right. You can easily tell when a troll is posting something. I'm not sure why they bother. They post a question, and then don't ever reply. What's the point. And they do it over and over again.

Also, if a user leaves the site, their discussions will go with them, too. So that may be the case as well.
Missing the point though, the point is the OP can delete the post, not just the admins. I can delete this entire thread if I want...I have the "delete discussion" button above. Some may not care, but I personally would were I a contributor because sometimes put a lot of thought and time into my posts. Should I at least get my posts emailed to me if someone else deletes a discussion I contributed to? What are the ethics around this situation?

It appears that as far as the internet/internet content is concerned, theft is the primary issue, and deletion isn't even mentioned.

Of course, I'm not a lawyer, so the possibility does exist that some manner of semantic could render it open to legal discourse and/or adjudication.
If anything, it's more of an ethical issue that something a person writes is on record forever. Real-life conversations are usually gone as soon as they're over with. Threads are just conversations on a computer. People also used to do things like write letters, and they were gone from the person as soon as they were sent. I usually don't think anything I wrote is that important.
thats ok for you, but my point is, is it ethical for someone else to make that call on your behalf? I have the "delete discussion" button above, and if some conversation happens in this thread that I dont like, I can delete it. Or I can close it to new comments. That is simply because I am the OP. My question is, do I necessarily deserve that right? What if you are a person who doesnt see their posts as "conversation" and more like "letters" or record of their whereabouts at a certain time?
I personally wouldn't consider it unethical to delete those things because that person created the discussion, and you aren't prohibited from creating your own discussion. Nonetheless, I think that as a group that encourages discussion and free expression, people shouldn't delete things that have allowed an exchange of ideas and could spawn further discussion. But oh well some people are just too scared to receive criticism of others and grow in their own opinions. They are the ones that lose in the end lol. I can understand your annoyance at losing these things though because of the effort that you might have put into answering (I'd be irritated too).
If you really like a discussion, you could also cut & paste and save it as a precaution...see, even when people try to delete something, someone could already have a copy of it!
Most browsers allow you to save a webpage as a html file for offline viewing.


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