Delusional Farkwit, Dr. Ben Carson, Telling Blatant Lies, Yet Again.

For a politician and retired surgeon who told public television that the one thing he will never do is Lie, he is back telling more lies to add to the numerous lies he has told in the past.

This man needs a reality check, but it appears that if he did ever have a reality check, he would not be intelligent enough to understand it.

For an ardent liar to state that he cannot tell a lie, is outrageously absurd or he has such a low intellect that he doesn't understand what the word, 'Lie' actually means.

Though this post is more about a recent lie, where Carson in his caucus night speech, has stated that those who believe in the separation of church and state are suffering schizophrenia. 

I agree with Patheos's comment: 

"It’s always a bad sign when a medical doctor decides to diagnose people he’s never met, much less people he doesn’t understand."


Here is the link to Patheos's article.

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Some may attack my brashness and arrogance, but making blatantly bold attacks at such lunatics, may be the best way.

I've seen pussy footing around, type of attacks on Ben Carson, but, most Ben Carson fans are too dumb to understand their attacks, so they get lost in translation.

One must call a spade a 'spade' and a dum fark like Ben Carson, a dumb fark,  in no uncertain terms.


You won't get an argument from me.  How a neurosurgeon with what had to be an extensive education manages to hang onto such utterly nonsensical thought processes is beyond my comprehension.  The plain fact is that Ben Carson does NOT belong in the White House in any capacity, least of all, president.

Liar liar pants on fire!

Maybe it will wake his ass up. Apparently he has no brain.

WADAMINIT!!!  You think he's been practicing on himself???  Whoa!

"We have rights given to us by our creator" does not translate into "a.k.a. god." The original writing did not make the connection that Carson is trying to make here. The modern "god movement" is wanting to take these words and personalize them for a select few. I'm sorry, folks. This just does not work.


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