Delusional Louisiana Person Mails Ricin to the President and Expresses Theocratic Beliefs

Isn't it interesting that the delusional person in Louisiana who sent a ricin-laced note to the POTUS saying in his or her letter was only a threat and that next time the action taken will be much more serious, conflated the 2nd Amendment with someone called "God," accusing the government of trying to take away their "God-given rights."  The founding fathers are rolling in their graves. The Constitution, as well all know, was not "given" to Jefferson and the constitutional congress by "God."  If anything, as the 1st Amendment makes clear, the rights conveyed are provided in spite of belief.  This country is in deep doo doo with lunatics like this running around. Shreveport, where the whackoid hails from, is close to Metarie, La., a longtime hotbed of neo-Nazi activiity.  We can only hope that the FBI and Treasury Department catch this buffoon and put him in the cooler for a long, long time. 

What he really needs is some behavior modification.  (Just kidding.)

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makes me think - did we really win the second world war?




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