It started back in 2009, when Barack Obama made open mention of non-believers in his first inaugural address.  It got better with the establishment of the Congressional Freethought Caucus.  And now, the Democratic National Committee has issued a resolution recognizing not just the existence of the "Religiously Unaffiliated Demographic," it observes:

  • The considerable growth of our numbers in recent years
  • That indeed we are the single largest religious group within the Democratic Party
  • The untoward bias and discrimination to which we have been hitherto subjected
  • Our potential to garner more Democratic votes in 2020 and beyond

among other notable issues.

The resolution concludes by recognizing, quoting from the declaration:

  1. The value, ethical soundness, and importance of the religiously unaffiliated demographic, a group of Americans who contribute in innumerable ways to the arts, sciences, medicine, business, law, the military, their communities, the success of the Party and prosperity of the Nation; and
  2. That religiously unaffiliated Americans are a group that, as much as any other, advocates for rational public policy based on sound science and universal humanistic values and should be represented, included, and heard by the Party.

In this day and age and especially with Donald Trump in the front office, the above is a very welcome indicator of the evolving attitude of at least ONE American political party towards those of us for whom religion is at minimum a non-factor in our lives and at maximum, a problematic promulgator of superstition, lies, and scare tactics which acts far more against the general welfare of the citizens of the US than it acts for it.

I'm quite glad to take this for the good news I believe it is.  How significant it will be in the coming presidential election, I don't know, but that the DNC was willing to go public with such a statement is significant, to say the least.

The full resolution is attached below.

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Thanks, Loren, for finding and posting this, though some of its language requires close reading

“...for whom religion is...a problematic promulgator of superstition, lies, and scare tactics....”

We have the anti-social behavior of Donald Trump and evangelical xians to thank for some of the change in our direction.

Those were MY words, Tom ... and I stand behind 'em.




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