From Secular Coalition for America citing Psychology Today:

The recent midterm elections reflect the increasing clout of secular voters, a group that has grown significantly in recent years, and at least one major party is starting to take note. According to polling data released by Pew, 17 percent of voters in 2018 were religiously unaffiliated, up from only 11 percent in 2006 and 12 percent in both 2010 and 2014.

Democrats finally acknowledge us; Republicans never will.

What say you?

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I feel the backlash from those close around me. That is why I speak up when I hear an outrageous claim, i.e. "God loves you!" "'l'll pray for you!" "God/Jesus saves!" I live in an ultraconservative, right-wing, Trump-voting community and I have lots of opportunities to challenge statements that do not make sense to me. 

I don't argue or debate these people. I simply make my position known.  




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