Nationally, Democrats in thousands of places will protest the Republican plan to repeal the ACA, Obamacare.

In the US Senate, Democrats broke a Senate rule and stated their reasons for voting "No" on a Republican motion to repeal the ACA.

These are, I hope, early rumbles in what may be a Democratic response in kind to seven years of inexcusably partisan behavior by Congressional Republicans

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From Wikipedia:
In social psychology
The tit-for-tat strategy has been of beneficial use to social psychologists and sociologists in studying effective techniques to reduce conflict. Research has indicated that when individuals who have been in competition for a period of time no longer trust one another, the most effective competition reverser is the use of the tit-for-tat strategy. ... If the tit-for-tat strategy begins with cooperation, then cooperation therefore ensues. On the other hand, if the other party competes, then the tit-for-tat strategy will lead the other party to compete as well. Each action by the other member is countered with a matching response, competition with competition and cooperation with cooperation.





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