I've had severe clinical depression for almost a decade now. There are pills I could take to let me feel emotions, but I've been off them for a few years now. Is it possible to overcome major depressive disorder without having to take medication for the rest of my life? Has anyone else here accomplished this?

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I seem to have a problem with my dopamine reuptake, as Wellbutrin is the only drug that has worked for me.
Interesting. I also appear to have a dopamine (rather than a serotonin) problem. At least we are protected from the opposite problem. I can't recall whether that is Parkinson's or a type of Schizophrenia. Whatever.
I believe that would be Schizophrenia. I'm on the fence about taking medication again. I called a few doctors, but they don't seem to be accepting new patients at the moment. I'm not sure if I'm ready to take medication again anyway.
Long term depression is not unusual- I also suffer from it- one of the methods in clearing it up (somewhat) is to take anti-depressants for a year or more PAST the point where you fell better.

If you do not want to take medication then have you explored psychotherapy? I do long-term psychotherapy with kids and have also embarked on therapy myself as part of my training- and also as a result of having depression for most of my life - psychotherapy can help you explore the underlying reasons for your feelings and thoughts and may be able to help you dig your way out of them- however- a quick fix solution is also CBT - something that i do not like because I am a psychotherapist at heart :) but which a lot of people find very useful in altering their negative thought patterns that can lead to continued depression. I have seen both methods work and use both methods in my practice
I've tried therapy in the past, but it was always an awful and unproductive experience. The only thing that I ever learned from it is that I have a problem with commitment and that I truly cannot trust anyone. I finally stopped going a few years ago when I arrived at the therapist's office for my appointment only to find that it was closed, the lights off and the door locked. After the third time in a row of this, I just stopped making appointments altogether. Months later, this same office tried to bill me for something I already payed. It took even more months to get that straightened out, only to find that they had incorrectly written down my health insurance information. Soon after that, I received a letter in the mail stating that their office had gone out of business, not that I cared at that point. The therapists I tried before them were equally unpleasant, but that was the last straw.

Depression has destroyed me. It has made me an empty shell of a man, and I use the term "man" loosely as I barely feel human at all anymore. I only feel alive when I'm in pain or intoxicated. I can't remember what it feels like to enjoy things, to feel pleasure or to be excited about something. I have no motivation, no goals, no hopes or dreams. I do almost everything out of habit. I don't know what I want out of life. I just know that I want to want more. Having never been in any kind of relationship before, I sometimes think about women and wonder if something like me has any business even speaking to them. Don't get me wrong, though. I have been living with my depression all these years, fighting it as best I can. I don't actually enjoy things, but I've learned to appreciate the beauty of the world, with no preconceived meanings attached. I wake up everyday and go to work. I come home and fight the boredom as much as my short attention span will allow. Having a sense of humor really helps a lot. I'm not entirely sure that I'm even ready to feel normal human emotions at this point in my life, but it looks like pills may be my only chance.
No wonder your psychotherapist went out of business! It's a wonder they weren't deregistered/delicensed.
They might have been for all I know.
Talk therapy has been a mixed bag for me. Couldn't understand what I was gaining, went through periods where I didn't bother. A twist, I have a BA in Psychology. But there was finely a break through, and that was when for the first time, I revealed in an intake for a therapist that I had desires to take the exit.

That landed me in an appointment to see a triage therapist, got diagnosed with ADHD, and depression, though before, I was always dysthymic.

I think some of use are much harder then others to figure out, largely for the same reasons that make us what we are.
I've just started taking pills again this past week. I'll give them another try.
Good! Keep us posted on how you are doing, right?
Good advice, Sean. I think I will follow it myself :-)

Yeah, yeah, I "know" all the answers but, as you said, it helps to have someone remind you and push you along.

When your health fails and you are in chronic pain it is just too easy to confine oneself to the house.
I was back on Wellbutrin and Depakote for a few months at varying dosages, but to no avail. I'm currently taking nothing. I recently lost my job, so I don't have any health insurance to get more pills anyway. I'm done with therapy as well. I've never had a good experience with it, and the last Psychologist I went to was the worst. I stopped going after he stopped showing up to my appointments. I'd get there and the office would be locked and the lights turned off. I don't know... Maybe I don't have depression at all. Maybe I'm just an asshole with anhedonia. My family doesn't have a history of depression, but they're some assholes too, so maybe you're onto something there. However, I have recently found that drinking makes me feel better. At least if I'm feeling drunk, I'm feeling something. And the numerous social gatherings I attend give me an excuse to drink.


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