I am really glad I found this site. I have just started the process of deprogramming myself from a Fundy Upbringing these last few months, reading books like "The God Virus", "Letter to a Christian Nation", "Godless", "The Concept", and now "Breaking the Spell". This was the inevitable next step in my progress. I have been in and out of Fundy Churches the past few years, too terrified to admit to myself that I really didn't believe anymore. The fear of "Hell" really had a hold on me. I still have deeply uneasy feelings that I am hoping will subside the more I feed my brain. I know the answer to this next question, but I will ask it anyways. Will this get easier. My fear of Hell has been significantly diminished, but I still have the "What if" feeling deep down. I am hoping that the more I read and learn, my heart will follow. I look at Christianity from the outside now and it looks so ridiculous. I can't believe I fell for all of that. Everything in my brain screams fairy tales, but I guess it will take time for the confidence to sink in. I have a few more books lined up; A few Dr. Robert Price Books, Bertrand Russell, and Christopher Hitchens. Any other ideas? Thanks for being here everyone!



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Welcome to A/N friend.  Hope you find the support you are looking for in your deprogramming efforts - and they are deprogramming efforts.  There are a lot of former fundy's on here, each with a unique story, but with many common threads. Since most religion is based on fear - notice they tell you a hell of a lot more about hell than they ever tell about heaven - the effect is one that is easily seen in dogs who have been abused.  Certain sounds, faces or events will bring back memories and fears.  Pay close attention when you encounter one of those and let it wave over you, then do a rational dispute of the idea that caused it.  One of the best is to simply reaffirm yourself as a good and worthwhile person in the face of any and all religious claims.  Also, remember that if you had remained a Xian, you were still going to go to hell, according to the Muslims and Jehovah Witnesses.  Got to make the right choice.  We usually make the choice of the mainly or culture were were born in.

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All the best to you and glad you enjoyed The God Virus

Darrel Ray, author of The God Virus

Thanks so much! Loved the book!

I suggest you also add "Atheism: The Case Against God" by George H. Smith (Prometheus Books) to your growing library of freethought literature. It's presently available on Amazon. In my opinion, it's one of the best books on atheism for the average reader. Also, please visit the chat room and discuss your ideas and experiences with fellow members.

I haven't gotten any books on the subject, but I would recommend watching Religilous, the documentary (type thing) that Bill Maher did. That was the first thing I saw that spoke out against religion that really resonated with me and I think the fact that it was done by a comedian took some of the scary edge off it. Also it's just hilarious. And don't worry, this does get easier.




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