Desmond Tutu this week publicly denounced the idea that Yahweh is a homophobe, saying that he would be unable to worship a homophobic deity. Super duper.

That's all well and good, but what I find so frustrating about religion - and christianity in general - is that they so frequently change their tune on issues when it becomes socially unacceptable to hold them. For instance, a significant proportion of united churches promote and support gay marriage, while many even condone gay ministers. Kudos to them, for you know, joining the rest of us in 2013 in surrendering their embarrassingly archaic previous stances on the subject  - BUT - what pisses me off is that their god damn book specifically details perfectly antithetical viewpoints, and they then try to pretend as though this isn't so. I appreciate the fact that some of them are (trying to be) forward thinking, mostly loving people, but painting the christian god as anything BUT a homophobe is blatantly dishonest and tremendously condescending. This, to me, is just an effort to try to score points from the secularists, and let the "hate the sin, not the sinner" type of christians pet themselves over how tolerant they are. What tripe. I'd far rather see the whole fucking thing done away with in general, but I suppose "baby steps" are in order...

Still waiting...

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Baby steps are really all they're capable of at this point.  They've already had their proscriptions about pork and shellfish effectively negated.  Divorce is now a regular if still sometimes tragic part of our culture, despite the church.  They still have their position of patriarchy and continue to reject the concept of women in positions of authority, as their holy book ordains, but not much of that book has been left to stand in the face of 21st century secularism.

In the final analysis, they may have recognized that what they're looking at is the slow but certain dismantling of their belief system ... and part of the reason for those baby steps is that they are so infatuated with and addicted to that system that the most they can consider are only small moves.  For them, going cold turkey is out of the question, and indeed, they will likely die before they are fully weaned from the holy water bottle they suck at.

I think leadership like Tutu is essential for bringing Africa into a more humane state of mind for LGBT people. Most of the continent is horrendous in its virulent homophobia. If they can top using religion to justify hatred and abuse, thats a step as younsay.

The god character of the christian bible is racist sexist hateful merciless genocidal abusive arbitrary bellicose cruel childish narcissistic..... to see him characterized aS not homophobic is interesting.




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