Dick Cheney the $100 Million Bionic Man Doesn't Want You to Afford Healthcare Approximating His Own

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Thanks, Joan.  I worked on that line a bit.  It's true, though.  Well, I am preaching to the choir again.

Joan you are so right!  And I will endeavor to promote humanity as I am able, too.  

Sentient, your life style personifies flourishing! 

Joan, to be honest there have been a lot of hardships and heartbreak along the way.  The past couple of years have gelled for some reason.  I am happy with things now.  Except I work way too hard, and there are seemingly insurmountable challenges, but that is what it is.  One thing is I'm never passive - I can't sit still and watch TV, or sit still and read like I used to.  Always doing thinking solving planning acting.  I read, but it's listening to books on audio while doing.  Don't know why....   sort of a mirror of ADHD - HAMHD.  Hyper-attentiveness multitasking hyperactivity disorder.  Sitting still and doing nothing is torture.  It's strange.  Except....  after a major project I sometimes sit and stare at it for a while.  Also strange.

Sentient, after all these months listening to me whinge, and to discover you, too, have had "hardships and heartbreak along the way" surprises me. You had the patience to walk with me and I value that. So very glad things are getting better for you; the old stereotypes and attitudes fade, not fast enough, but we move in the right direction. 

You do work hard; perhaps you will come to enjoy leisurely sitting and soaking up the fruits of your labor. Do you do OK during winter months? That often is a hard time for people. 

Not complaining, Joan.  I've seen much worse, and many have no way out.  People assume a lot based on the moment.  This moment is one I'm grateful for.  You've had it rough too.  Not wanting to go off topic here, but we will continue getting to know one another.  It's great!  As for whining, I never thought you were, just expressing what you felt.

When I was in training, we did an experiment to see if talking to a therapist was more beneficial than talking to a hole in the wall. It turned out there was no difference. I don't mean to imply that talking to a hole in the wall is the same as writing on Atheist Nexus, because I do not believe that. I got some really good feedback and you are included in that assessment.

The thing I learned is that a person in some kind of emotional trauma benefits by talking or writing until that person begins to clearly see and hear  him/her self, honestly and with no masks or pretenses.

You have had tough hurdles to overcome; these were not caused by you but rather by the social temper of the time. Hopefully, we are past the mindbinding that kept you from being who you truly are. Now, you can reach inside yourself for guidance and direction and trust that you are perfect, just the way you are. Or, more probably, perfectly imperfect. 

Shibui is a Japanese word for perfectly imperfect. Do the Chinese have such a term or concept? I have adopted it for my motto and it seems to fit me well. I have no interest in being perfect, but I am interested in being truly me, without trying to live up to others' ideals. I sense that has been a challenge for you as well. 

Your philosophy reflects so much gentleness and compassion. Thank you for being my friend.

Perhaps there is a bright career in political satire for you.

As one of the 47% that lives off the teat of the Government as a disabled veteran whose benefits were taken away because I am "unemployable," I only have health care (and my wife as well) because of the evil VA that a certain unnamed political party would skin to the bone.

No amount of money would get me health insurance (due to epilepsy). Neither of us can get life insurance (so we have to save money to die with).

Nice to see the former vice-president is up and about, too bad I couldn't donate blood either (something about BSE exposure when I was stationed in Spain during the Gulf War makes me unable to donate) - might have been nice to see him drooling and forgetting himself with a case of vCJD.

No one wants my blood either: I have leukemia.  Some people get religion when they hear they have cancer.  I became an atheist.  But it would be a mistake to think that one led to the other, post hoc reasoning.  I read that most men have too much iron in their blood. I have to eat folic acid.  No big deal.  My cancer is chronic, and if there were a God I would thank him for giving me the lesser evil, rather than, say, acute leukemia, cancer of the lung or final stage brain cancer.  But God is so lacking in evidence and doctors so clearly the people keeping me alive, I worship them.  Like the late great Richard ("Lord") Buckley was won't to say: "I worship people, I really do.  I like a God I can get my hands on.  I like a God I can get my BRAINS on."  My God is DNA.

I am sorry to learn of your Leukemia, James, and hope you feel well. I understand rom a friend that he has little energy but otherwise feels fine. I suspect you deserve a rest after a lifetime of work. Are you retired? Did you make that adjustment well? A chronic illness can be a bother, but I agree, rather than acute leukemia or other cancers. I trust you take really good care of yourself. 

Two chemos have put me in remission for over a decade now.  No, I am not retired.  Work daily.  Not making enough to retire.  Thanks for your hope, a word Nietzsche did not like.

I don't like the word "hope" either and for the same reasons. However, I feel at a loss for words, especially when I have an ardent desire that you be well and happy. 




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