Dick Cheney the $100 Million Bionic Man Doesn't Want You to Afford Healthcare Approximating His Own

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Thank you so much!

James Kz, you wrote, "because of the evil VA that a certain unnamed political party would skin to the bone." When faced with these kinds of problems I think it is very important to name names and parties. Hold them accountable and challenge them. If you stand publicly with charges, there is a very high probability others would stand with you. You also wrote about BSE and vCJD. 

"BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) is a progressive neurological disorder of cattle; its symptoms are similar to a disease of sheep, called scrapie. BSE has been called "mad cow disease.""

"given that BSE is believed to be the cause of variant Creutzfeldt–Jakob (vCJD) disease in humans, the two are often confused."

Are you saying you were exposed to these tragic diseases while serving our country? I imagine you are very angry, and rightly so. Are there others who were exposed as you? Have you sought them out to compare and contrast your experiences and then join together to hold people accountable? This is a tragic story. 

Yes, I was presumed exposed, as I was stationed in Spain (along with my family) for three years during the "mad cow disease" outbreak in Britain, before Europe banned beef imports from the UK.

There are tens of thousands of US military and dependents that fall into that category.

Exposure to the prion presumed to be the cause of BSE and vCJD does not mean I will develop it: it does mean I cannot donate blood. It cannot be tested for currently, thus the Red Cross and such organisations can only ban donations. (They ask on their forms if you have lived in Europe and what dates, and detail it on their Website.)

The only known way at present to determine vCJD (an exclusionary diagnosis while alive) is a brain biopsy (presumably you should be dead for that).

As for James, I am sorry to learn of your own illness. You noted you "got atheism" upon diagnosis. It seems counter-intuitive that people would get religion from disease diagnoses: didn't God create disease and parasites and epilepsy and all those other disorders too? Why would one worship such evil?




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