Here's a link to my AN blog entry that I wrote on the subject.

The Ten Magical Questions


"And if you seriously believe the
> rubbish you write then take me up on a challenge, let me write publicly on your
> webpage with your permission asking you ten questions, then respond to each and
> every one in detail. I would respect your stand at that time even if
> i didn't agree with it."

I'm willing to bet I'm not that special.

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Here's a link to one list of Ten Questions I found on the internet. It basically misrepresents an atheistic position, then challenges the one asked to justify it. Straw-man, anyone?

10 Questions from Lifeway

Here's a youtube video that asks the same. Hard to get through, since he spends the first minute telling atheists that they are believers (sound familiar?) and that they have to take the questions seriously. You know, questions about Irreducible complexity. Seriously.

You Tube questions

So I have a good idea about the questions Colin is going to ask. Questions that assume I reject any kind of objective morality, questions that assume my life philosophy is without hope, meaning and purpose. Bullshit like that. Sigh. My life is so hopeless. Wah.
Here's his reply:

On Mar 31, 2009 2:01pm, Colin Greig wrote:
> I understand how you want to run from Gods authority,

How can I run from something that's not there?

>nobody likes to be
> told what to do.

Submissives love to be told what to do.

>I Colin Greig a very intelligent man with a good career and
> loads of hobbies still have decided that god made this earth, he owns it, he
> makes the rules and its tough titties for me if i don't like
> it.

"I I Me Me My", Colin. Good for you for your decision. What does that have to do with me?
> If you don't like the rules sure preach against them with an
> alternative.

> Allee what's your alternative?

Colin, surely you, as an intelligent man with hobbies but little knowledge of the use of the comma, knows that Christianity was not the first religion, nor is it the last. You should also know that religion is not the be all and end all of morality. You cannot possibly think, the intelligent man with hobbies that you are, that all those who do not have religion are traipsing about doing terrible things? It's pretty simple, if you think about it. An individual like me wants the same kinds of things as you in life, for the most part, and running about harming people is not exactly going to make a person successful. The problem is, most people seem to think they need a Lord and Master to tell them. This is strange, because it is people who made up the laws you feel came out of soul poofs. People wrote the bible. Who did you think I thought wrote the bible, Colin? Spooks? I'm an atheist. Of course I think people devised those laws, most of which are ridiculous. Of COURSE an intelligent person with hobbies like you would never stone someone to death for working on "The Sabbath." I can assume this, because you don't have a prison address. What's telling you not to do such a terrible thing which is a God Law? Surely it's not a devil. Surely it's your own conscience.

There's your answer. Look at me! Trying to reason with you!

if Christianity is not true and
> correct what is?
You want to talk about morality take a look at your
> school system

Not my school system.

where it all starts, ever since you guys

whose "you guys?"

kicked Christ out of the
> class room

Here, Colin whines that he doesn't get his religion of choice foisted on other kids. But Colin, as an intelligent man with hobbies, knows very well that his religion of choice is CONSTANTLY foisted upon others.

>and started teaching evolution kids started shooting each other.


> the we over in OZ are learning from your mistakes, we too are kicking Christ out
> of our classrooms. Not to long before tragedies start i
> fear.

In OZ, your problems started sometime when Britain forced their religion on the people who lived there before the prisoners did. Just like in the US.
> If i come across as worrying about your criticisms i apologize, I am
> positive a guy who created this universe is strong enough to cope with them.
> Although i find it fascinating that he would, dearly love even those who say
> such things about him.

And so it seems you have no concept of your own idea of Christian Love. Would it make more sense if he tortured me? It says something like that in the bible. It's pretty disgusting.

> Colin
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