Sorry, but I think it's terrible that there are SO MANY PEOPLE on AN who are capable of donating and don't.  This site is EXTREMELY important to so many of us.  I understand some people cannot, but only 33 people have donated?  Richard is only asking to get to $3,800.00!!!  He can't be expected to pay for this site alone!  Yes times are tough, Yes there are lots of things to give to, but how would you feel if AN was no longer here?!  Cough up a few dollars if you are able, and the goal will be reached!!!!~ Mindy

P.S. It's on the right-hand side of the homepage!

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Mindy you are right.  I went to the fundraising button and put in my contribution.

I think this should be a featured discussion.

Thanks, I had forgotten ... It's a rather big part of many of our lives and deserves support. I gave them some money. 

I gave my money a while back. I hope everyone helps.

WAy to go Booklover for advertising!!




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