Did anyone see the guest on Colbert a few nights ago?

Sorry if someone already posted about this.  On Colbert a few nights ago, he had an awesome scientist on named Lawrence Krauss who wrote a book called" A UNIVERSE FROM NOTHING -why there is something rather than nothing".

Anyway he is a Quantum Physics Professor , I think from Arizona State, and he was SO smart I couldn't understand half of what he was talking about, lol.  He was explaining how nothing (blank space) actually weighs something, and it will expand exponentially until there is something.  I hope I'm explaining this right.  I want to buy the book.

Colbert asked what about 'god', and Professor Krauss said something to the effect that you don't need god.  Also he said since we know this scientific 'stuff' (my word, lol), that we no longer need to believe stories written by ignorant men in the Bronze Age. LOL

Of course Colbert had to make a few remarks, and the audience was unsure whether to cheer more for the Professor or Colbert, but I think the Professor made even that liberal audience a little uncomfortable. Good!

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Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to check it out

Cool thanks - I just noticed this link - It will help a ton!

Thanks Edward.

I was actually surprised that he didn't used the words dark matter.

I adore Krauss, you can find a plethora of his talks on youtube. Thanks for posting this Melinda!

I will have to look that professor up on the Internet.

I missed that show.

Thanks for the post booklover.

Have a good weekend!

Here You go Melinda.  He's lecture by a similar title.

Agreed booklover, he is fascinating. He can be super blunt at times to put it mildly.

Had a good talk with Wanderer and others about "something from nothing" and "is philosophy dead," that included Krauss here

You should read the book. I don't have a science background and I found it an interesting read. He does a good job of making really complex things sound simple.



Lawrence Krauss was a close friend of the recently deceased Christopher Hitchens.  Colbert's persona on his show is a role. He plays a conservative.  His questions to guests are condensed from mainly right wing dogma, designed to elicit responses countering misconceptions.

Science is neither liberal nor conservative: those are political terms. Science derives answers through research to questions from postulation to theory and, occasionally, law.  Science thrives on testing and peer review, which can be a bit embarrassing to the scientist if his/her work is not up to the standards expected of a scientist.

Some people see science as liberal but it's really "just the facts (as we know them)" which can fly in the faces of people entrenched in dogmatism.


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