Just wondering what you thought about the "debate".

Depending on the news source - some say Romney did very well

while some say Romney lied throughout the "debate".

Any thoughts?


Romney gains ground on Obama after strong debate

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It was BORING. I was expecting something, I don't know, more stimulating, given the oratory capability of the president. Snoozefest. Still, watched it all. And unfortunately, I think Romney came off O.K., which means it appeared he "won" the debate.

Yeah - that's what some news sources are claiming - that Romney won.

The audience snap poll was misleading, because they were almost all Southern whites over 50.

I got tired of the political-speak fairly soon. The way Romney belittled the independent study Obama cited, without actually citing any competing studies - just saying there were lots of studies that said different things - really annoyed me. That kind of hand waving seemed to pass for reasoning. The lack of logic is partly what turned me off.

I think the public they canter too is not logical - so unlike us - they miss the citing of real studies and evidence. Instead they comment on their hair, clothes, etc. Just dumb stuff.

That's what they are saying - yep.

Well, that's what politicians are good at - telling you what you want to hear.

(and kissing babies)

I don't control the one TV in this house, so I didn't see the "debate."  I have read that the biggest wuss in the whole thing was the PBS guy...the moderator...because he just let Romney babble away.  Didn't even try to cut him off when all he was doing was giving his usual stump speech.

Most of the news reports I've read said that Romney lied his ass off.  Which he probably did.  If people are reading those articles, it might make a difference. 

I just can't imagine anybody being honestly "undecided" at this point. I think they just don't want to tell the pollsters what they really think.  IF they think at all.

From the very beginning of televised debates they have been nothing but show biz.  Don't mean a damned thing.  In the very first "debate" in 1960 Nixon out-spoke, made more points, than Kennedy did, but was considered to have "lost" it because Kennedy was more photogenic...  Is this any way to elect a president?

Both sources are right, unfortunately.  Mitt Romney won even though he lied.  I don't get it, it was like the president was more bored than we were.  It was like Obama was asleep half the ti-.

OH THEIR GOD!  I THINK I'VE FIGURED OUT ROMNEY'S SECRET WEAPON!!  Romney is so boring that just being on stage with him makes people want to fall asleep, thereby making him look more excited about the future of America than his opponent!

I never thought I'd say this, but for the good of America we have no choice.  We have to make Romney more exciting so tha being around him will energize the president rather than sap him of his strength!


OH!  I love that last line!  "Make the Mitt Hit the Fan!"  YESSSSS!

But seriously, folks...  A friend of mine who did watch the show (I can't call it a real debate) said that Obama spent too much time thinking....trying to put his statements in words the average Joe Six-Pack could understand...and only looked like he was in over his head.

He said that Obama is very quick on his feet in informal interviews and things like that, but that the debate format is not his forte'.

I stopped watching what is commonly called debates after the League of Women Voters stopped having them. I'd like to see Oxford style debates where the audience walk through turnstiles indicating their view (Obama, Romney, or Undecided) at the beginning of the debate and again at the end. That's the only way a winner can be determined. As it is they are nothing other than a way to sell commercials and a complete waste of time in my opinion.

You are right on all points.

The League of Women Voters should be in charge, and the "show" should be on PBS....NOT any of the commercial networks.

I agree sk8eycat - The League of Women Voters would do a much better job. A woman president - this will happen - I know it will.

And yes, on PBS - not on commercial TV.




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