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I'm not convinced that Jesus as represented in the bible even LIVED, so whether or not he died is immaterial to me.  That there was a preacher / rabbi 2,000 years ago named Jesus who wandered about Galilee and fell into disfavor with the local religious and/or governmental authorities is at least possible.  That he performed feats as the gospels allege goes way beyond the pale to me.  Theorizing about whether someone came back to life after being dead or going up to heaven (however one does that!) is foolish speculation to no purpose.

most likely it could have been a misinterpretation of the humans at that time , i personally think that people at that time is too naive to believe in unbelievable things.

Quite honestly, I find this article to be nothing but a few passages from a modern book, which itself is translation and edits, upon translation and edits, upon translations and edits. And, we don't even have the originals to compare the text to. And, based upon these dubious 'passages,' the rest of the article is pure speculation pulled out of a body cavity of the author's choice.

While I do think there is a probability of a discontented and disaffected street preacher named Yeshua (transliterated over time to the name Jesus) at the time of the Roman occupation of Judea, that's about the only possibility I will concede. Well, that and he may have pissed off some of the powers that be and got his ass tacked to a cross as a result. But, considering the original gospels (which no long exist) were, at the earliest, written 40 to 50 years after his death, I put little stock in any of the details of those stories. And, certainly not the miracle stories. Miracle stories abound by the thousands in every human culture and in every age; ours included. So what?

the introduction of this article is solely bible but if you started to go deeper you will understand that this article is intended to tell that jesus christ was a buddhist monk. :)

I used to believe every word of the bible until about 2 years ago when I "woke up." Today I'm not sure that the Jesus of the bible ever really lived. Accounts about him have names of apostles on the writings to give some authority to what the writer says, but the accounts talk of things nobody could ever know or witness. Examples are the 40 days and nights in the wilderness. Satan taking Jesus to a very high mountain to show him all the "kingdoms of the earth." Who recorded these events? Who was the witness? Did Jesus just brag and let this information slip after the events occured? What would be the allagory of the writings, for certainly you cannot take them literally.

There were many contenders for "messiahship" in those days and they all tried to fulfill Old Testament writings as some prophesy of the messiah coming. I feel that the Jesus of the bible is based on more than just one man. Nothing about this man is historical.

So you ask "did Jesus really die?" If there was a man called Jesus and he was crucified and died, then he is still dead! There is no evidence that anybody ever came back to life.

Michael, you make an excellent point. I feel that the Jesus of the bible is based on more than just one man. 

That's probably very accurate. There were a number of disaffected street preachers at the time, and in all probability, the 'life of Jesus' is based on a compilation of quite a number of them. No more. No less.

They were more than street preachers. There was a number of men trying to fulfill old testament prophesy, knowing that if they could do so they would be the "messiah" which was a deliverer king in his own right. Prove you are the one, and you become our king. This had nothing to do with "souls," afterlife, or salvation as preached today. These ideas came later. Jesus and people like him were all contenders. That's why they would dramaticly re-enact the events of the old testament. The stories became conflicted and they would write about one man claiming all that he ever did, but many of the events discribed could not have ever been witnessed. That makes it all legend and tall tales.

Surely a theist would know this too, but they cannot allow themselves to think of it.

michael i agree with you , i think jesus is nothing more than a buddhist preacher 

If these stories were correct, then most likely Jesus spent the rest of his life in the mountains of kashmir and it is a fact that he didn't died on the cross , or even resurrected , and the possibility of him sitting at the right hand of the father is impossible. This would also serve as the end for Christianity. - this statement from a deist is very shocking my friends .. i've read it in the last part of the article

The bible said that Jesus was seen sitting at the right hand of god. Stephen saw this as he was being stoned, but what did it mean? Was there suddenly 2 men sitting in chairs in the sky? If this was what I saw as I am dying, I would feel rather cheated. It's almost rediculous!

Then we have the crucified Jesus. People killed in this manner were put into mass graves. Jesus got lucky and they gave him a tomb. How would that have been allowed? Next, his washed and carefully wrapped body is placed in the tomb, but it was claimed that he "spent 3 days and 3 nights in the bowels of the earth." How could this be if he was in a tomb? Scripture always wants to "fulfill" some other scripture to make it real and profound, and the analogy here is to Jonah being in the belly of the big fish. That story alone is highly suspect, and Jonah was alive the entire time. Jesus was supposedly dead but came alive again. Is this symbolism for some ritual? Keep in mind that the fish was a symbol of christianity.

I'm not sure that Jesus was a buddhist preacher, but I am almost certain that the christianity we know today was a Roman conspiracy. The religion came along as official at the right time to solve problems for Constantine.



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