Did The Reason Rally Really Happen If the Media Ignores It.

I wrote a columnist of my paper that serves millions of people about the Reason Rally before leaving for Washington.  After attending and being in awe of an historic event I eagerly checked the Sunday edition to see what coverage we got.  It turned out to be none.  My son wrote me an email asking why he did not see any media coverage of this event that inspired his dad so much.

We have to write our newspapers that did not cover this story - the more letters the better to get the editors to take notice.

It is tough getting a letter published in my paper.  I've had a few and I've had more turned down.  I even had one they said they were going to feature in the Saturday edition about the pharmaceutical industry that got pulled because of nervousness about a lawsuit.

Anyway, I am proud to report to this group that this one did get published - with a picture even.  I tried to keep it short and ended with a Canada angle.


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Yo, Russ!

First of all, thanks for the piece.  I didn't make it to the rally, but I followed it as best I could, considering that the major US TV news media didn't seem to take notice.  I took them to task about that, and I don't think it would hurt if others did as well.

Thanks for reading the letter Loren.  I wonder if there is any measurement of hits on the articles and letters that the media posts.  If so, lets click the hell out of all the letters and stuff that gets put up and convince the editors to include more stuff on our movement.  I will gladly click on any other articles or letters that get published.

I will also add my voice to yours with your timely missives to the American media.

Yes, post as many links to media you can find, encourage others to write them and point out that they're ignoring a very large and growing demographic.

Here's the thing though, this was the first major gathering, there will be more. The primary focus of this event, from what I could fathom, wasn't just to get our voices out into the mainstream, …but to focus our voices, network our communities, and promote a unified grass-roots movement.

In this, the event was a success. There were meetings, conventions, planning sessions and alliances either forged or strengthened; for many days before Saturday, and many days after Saturday.

Do not forget this.

It's important.

We are a large group of very diverse human beings who have one point of data that we all adhere to by necessity, …a non-belief. That diversity is a strength ONLY if we unite to promote dissent and contempt for the things that theists, in their diversity, have banded together to advocate for centuries… most of it either batshit crazy or very dangerously oppressive to those they see as "them", …and that's not just atheists.

So, we also have to get the word out to the GLBT Rights, Women's Rights, Civil Rights, Etc; communities and their media sources —that we are a voice, and are a target of the same Christian Taliban Asshat Fuckwits that are oppressing them...

Organize, step up our activism, network with other groups...

So that the mainstream can't ignore us.

THAT …is what I took home as the purpose of the Reason Rally

(even if you've read that blog linked above, go read it again, especially the new content at the bottom)

Richard, I am trying to find where to post my responses on your site. Send me the ... what is the term? so I can be part of the conversation 

Joan, here's the BLOG, if you scroll all the way down (I know, it's a long way, …lotsa' stuff) you'll get to the comments section.

Richard: I think maybe Joan is asking how to respond to the Bill Donohue article.

Joan: If so: You'll need to go here, for example, scroll all the way to the bottom, then setup an account on that site. Then you'll be able to comment. Alternately, it seems that site has an option to comment via logging into your FaceBook account (see the 1st set of comments under the article). Hope this helps! :o)

You're probably right!

Sorry Joan, my brain misunderstood...

Jude and Richard. Thanks! I had a brain freeze yesterday and couldn't find ... oh so many things. I think I am back to thinking again.  

My only excuse is that I've been stirring a lot of pots lately, putting up and updating my Reason Rally blog, Adding two new groups (one for our local Meetup group), attending meetings, and planning for two upcoming events, one here in Winston-Salem on Thursday and the Rock Beyond Belief festival in Ft. Bragg on Saturday.

Richard, I have an excuse, I am an old lady, you are a young man with many irons in the fire. Keep it up as long as you can, when it goes, it just goes. 

Ha ha… trust me Joan, I have brain issues galore… a crowbar, skull fracture and coma 20 years ago left some interesting side-effects.

By the way, I really like your design and instructions. They clearly state the goals and processes. Thanks.




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