Almost certainly... anyone else agree?

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Could you elaborate, please. 

Steve believed in alternative therapies and put off potentially life-saving surgery until it was far too late; he thought he knew better than the doctors who were trying to save him and in the end that cost him his life.

Ah, Woo Woo.

Mind you, he was pretty screwed anyway.  The kind of cancer he had is almost always fatal.  His turning to woo certainly didn't helps his odds, though.

And why is this supposed to be important to me? 

Well, it's a demonstration of how fuzzy, woo-woo thinking can bring down the greatest of us.

It is indeed a salutary warning. Dunning-Kruger syndrome wins again...

I play the Sims a lot, and "woo hoo" has a completely different meaning to me.

Perhaps he should be considered for a Darwin Award then?

I think the idea of the Darwin Awards is for people who have not yet managed to reproduce - Jobs had children so he wouldn't qualify. People who have Darwin deaths (if we can call them that) usually suffer quickly and stupidly, Steve was simply poorly advised and the Dunning-Kruger syndrome told him that advice was correct.


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