It's time for some satire, directed at the US Supreme Court's conservatives!

Two corporations have argued that the Affordable Care Act violates their religious rights, and the conservatives on the Court might agree.

Think of it!

Imagine a Catholic corporation confessing its sins before it can receive communion! Imagine the priest to whom it confesses saying its penance is to say a hundred, or ten thousand, Hail Marys.

Imagine two corporations negotiating a merger. Their church might allow, or might not allow, some mergers.

Imagine a corporation's directors discussing whether to spin off some of its business to a new corporation. At the first mention of a new corporation, it acquires the rights of existing corporations and the directors won't be allowed to abort their discussion!

Imagine a new corporation being baptized into the church attended by its parent corporation!

Imagine Methodist corporations not allowed to drink, Baptist corporations not allowed to dance, Presbyterian corporations being predestined to succeed or fail, Jehovah Witness corporations visiting other corporations to convert them. Imagine Wiccan corporations meeting sky clad (nude). Et cetera, et ceteran, and et cetera.

What other consequences might follow a conservative ruling that corporations have religious rights and powers?

In two business law classes, professors said a corporation is a piece of paper, so where you see the word "corporation" above feel free to read "piece of paper".

What can your experience with churches or religions bring to this discussion?

It is time for satire. Will the Court's conservatives recognize it?

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Sadly, Tom, I doubt Roberts, Scalia, Thomas and Alito would recognize satire or irony if it were rubbed in their noses.  These are the guys who are "in it but not of it," willfully detached from the everyday life, though not from the influences of some who would control two of the three branches of government, in order to frustrate the third.

Right now, I almost wish that Sandra Day O'Connor had a bit less of the humanity and love for her husband which led her to leave the court and open the door for Alito.  SCOTUS needs some humanity, a quality it has been sorely lacking lately.

time for a non-religious Justice.  there are a couple Jewish Justices who aren't especially religious but how about one of the newfangled association of "the nones".  from what i can gather the nones are mostly former believers plus raised atheists.  that group is 20% of the population.  a SCOTUS should be representative of the country writ large.  we are massively unrepresented.  

To get a non-religious justice on the Supreme Court, the first step would have to be getting a sufficient number of people to acknowledge that a lack of religion may be a positive characteristic.  Bingo, you just lost the Religious Reich and with it most of the Republican Party as well.  That doesn't even mention those on the other side of the aisle who at least give lip service to one faith or another.  As suffused as our current stock of politicians are with religion, considerable education and turnover is going to have to happen before the US can hope to be the secular state that our constitution suggests it should be.




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