Did You Hear the "Kill the Bill" and "Shame" Protests in the US Senate on Tuesday?

If I hear of a similar and longlasting protest about the influence of money in politics, I will go to Washington and join it.

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...Yes...the cops are even ordering no pictures to be taken of the protest and demanding those to delete the pictures too. Reporters were kept out....

Since when was representation illegal?

About police ordering protesters to delete their pix of protests:

The Northern California ACLU several years ago distributed a smart phone app that immediately sent photos of protests, police actions, etc to the ACLU, BEFORE rhe police could seize the protestors' phones.

Has anyone else heard of this being available to protesters?

I downloaded the app and tested it but there's little if any such action near where I live.

A number of state ACLU chapters have similar "Mobile Justice" apps, that send them video immediately when you stop recording (and can lock the phone too).

...here is the full list of participating states....


Thanks, Thomas. Besides the names of the states whose ACLUs have the two apps, youtube clips show how to use the apps.

The coming event now appears that the GOP might implode upon itself. Amid the insanity is a group of people that would like to be re-elected and I don't think they are wanting to commit political suicide. The next few months will be interesting and I expect lots of failed agendas.

Supporters of Mr. Orange continue to talk Hillary and Obama constantly, use words like snowflake, libtard, commie, and socialist to distract you from what is happening by attempts to sabotage political parties. What is happening is not a party issue. It's an attack on America that we should all take seriously if we value our freedoms.

Michael, I agree,

"What is happening is not a party issue. It's an attack on America that we should all take seriously if we value our freedoms."

~ Michael Penn

Photos and riots need to be photographed by as many perspectives as possible and it is a patriotic duty to do so. When police are out of control, they need to be held accountable. Trump made a terrible mistake telling the police they could use extreme methods. I worked in a prison for two years and some people need to be subdued, but there are methods short of what we have seen already of police brutality. We would not have known about police actions with Rodney King and many others. Shooting a man in the back is not acceptable nor is the strangle hold unto death. 

tRump does not create moral and ethical codes! He is not mentally healthy and any rules he creates that are unethical or immoral need to be challenged in court if not by peaceful disobedience. 




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