[2016-01-07 - changing to general network questions - maybe I can get an answer there.  Disappointed not to get a reply yet.]

As far as I know, haven't heard back from anyone at the site since I filled in the feedback form a day or two ago.  Once they do get back to me, I look forward to getting past the difficulty that appeared to come up.

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When I posted this, I may have been going for brevity, but reading it over, the issue may not be clear.

I had trouble, more than once, using paypal to upgrade.  I'd like to hear from someone at atheistnexus as to how we can work that out.

Hi - everyone -

I tried again today via paypal, no dice.  Other bullet points fwiw:

* Amazon link does not work for me.
* I am thinking of paying via a card, but am reluctant out of general advisable security caution.
* Have not seen any move to make the upgrade pathway a bit more discoverable on the site.  (It is there if you happen to browse to the home page and see it as an in-line post, but I don't see where it is discoverable elsewhere... maybe I am just missing it).
* Have not seen a clarification on the upgrade membership site of whether the one-time payment gets you some sort of upgraded membership (I am maybe ok to keep manually renewing each year, but don't like signing up to a system system which automatically flags that.).
* Have not heard from anyone at atheist nexus (unless I have missed it).
* Have not seen a reply here on this thread.

I am enthusiastic about this being a pioneering site, and being part of this community, and recognize there will be teething pains.  Will try to stick with this until it can get worked out.  There's some sort of note that if a person has paypal difficulty, we can contact Richard, so I'll try to do that now.

If I remember right, when I supported this site with PayPal, after the first year, I got a message that another payment would be taken out automatically, so I stopped that method of payment.

Hi Idaho Spud - this may pertain to me also.  It's definitely something I would do (pay for something but then stop the automatic yearly renewal, which is something I hate).  If the paypal payment won't go through because of that past stoppage, that would be interesting, but the main thing is that, so far, Atheist Nexus doesn't seem that interested in overcoming the matter and taking my payment. I'm looking forward to working with them to get it done.

Thanks Daniel, I'm pretty sure I filled out some sort of feedback or help form a couple of weeks ago when this came up, and I also sent a message today to Richard, as instructed.  I guess I'll see if some sort of response comes along.

jlaz, Loren has a site and he's excellent at this stuff. Give me a second and I'll post the name for you.
It's called How to Do It. It's a group on here. Or you can contact him directly.

Thanks, I'll take a look some other time to see if there is anything there I can use.

Hi jlaz, I replied to your private message just now. Everything seems to be working on my side. Does anyone else have problems with either of these two links?




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