Post your digital images that catch you eye, touch your life, and grab your imagination below.

I will start by posting a few here myself.

Let's see how many pictures we can collect here.

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I love all these images Tony - I am adding them to my collection.

Creep. Creep is the slow downslope movement of soil, sediment or rock along more gentle slopes than give rise to the more rapid forms of mass wasting. The surface itself gives little indication that creep is occurring, however features above the surface of the slope provide evidence that slow downslope movement is occurring. Trees display bent after being tilted by the creep movement. Trees tend to grow vertically, towards the sun, and so when they are tilted by downslope movement, the trunks bend to grow vertically again. Gravestones and fences in areas of creep are also are tilted downslope. Rock layers near the surface are also tilted downslope.

This clearly is not what happened to those other trees. I wonder????

Joan - how wonderful to learn something new. I always enjoy learning - I thank you for posting about creep.

awesome - just beautiful




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