lots of hoopla from the history channel's the bible.  i've watched a couple of episodes and it can be quite compelling.  honestly, it's one of the most violent shows i've ever seen on basic cable tv.  and i've seen quite a lot of tv.  in fact, if any bible thumper ever complains to you about tv violence, please ask them if they've watched this series.  if they have tell them to bugger off.  (i'm not british but that just seemed to fit, no?)

it seems while the tv series is extremely popular, yet the bible itself is getting increasingly exposed.  for starters, there's this:

that's right, there's a book about the tv show about the bible.  finally, you can get the story of the bible in book form!  (full disclosure - i kinda stole that from the colbert show but i had been thinking it)

not only that, today's big prop 8, and tomorrow's DOMA supreme court caes has really put the spotlight on bible stupidity.  there's clearly no other reason to object to gay marriage other than biblical.  every other reason falls apart on closer inspection.  so it falls on the good (mostly shitty) book.  and apparently most americans, and ever increasing slice of americans, disagree with the bible.  

and it's not like it's the first time.  it's just one more thing that continues to diminish the bible as a book for moral guidance.  it certainly has a historic tale to tell, but it's not a pretty one.  

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not another show about the bible - yuck - all myths and junk

I haven't watched 'The Bible' TV series. It doesn't interest me.

it's quite the story.  as for violence, it makes Total Recall look like First Blood.  i mean, it has angels slaughtering an entire city, children getting their throats slit, other children laying in pools of their own blood with legs bent back behind them, an obama look-alike playing Satan, and more blood than True Blood (which i don't watch but can only assume it has lots of blood).  it's like a biblical Die Hard movie.

It's still just Hollywood special effects on a fictional story. I havn't seen Total Recall or True Blood either.


I was incapacitated with my bad back a few days ago with little to do so I watched some of the re-runs of The Bible – maybe 5 of the 10. I was really curious as to how they would deal with the extreme violence that occurs throughout the bible.  To my astonishment they showed it in all its glorious and gory detail. A king who is condemned because he didn't heed god's command (or the delusion of the prophet du jure) that all of the vanquished were to be slaughtered.  In fact nearly all of the Israelite's victories were concluded with the slaughter of every living soul, burning down the city and salting the earth, all with the help and cheer leading from the magic guy up there someplace- Attila the Hun was a sentimental softy by comparison.

Now those on this site know that the bible is almost a total work of fiction – there is some history buried in the bullshit but it's sketchy at best. The problem is that a whole buncha folk think it's the absolute truth regardless of proof to the contrary –NO QUESTION allowed.
Of those believers who are not appalled by this chronicle of blood letting, they have lost a good part of their humanity.

I haven't watched the series but from what you and others say about the violence depicted in it makes me wonder if it will give some Christians especially the extreme fundamentalist and militant Christians a open invitation to use violence against anyone that threatens their worldview.   Apparently they don't see their hypocrisy when they complain that video games and movies make children more violent yet it's fine to expose them to it as long as it comes from their Bible.  


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