This is very cool.  BBC.


80 million year old dinosaur feathers were found in amber deposits in Alberta.  The feathers tell us not only about their shape, but suggest their color as well.  


I have in my mind an image of T-rex done up like big bird in a feather boa.  Well maybe not that.



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There goes that sneaky old devil, running around burying fake fossils again.


Or, maybe they're real fossils and the t-rexes really were wearing feather boas.  If the dinosaurs were gay and no humans were around to stone them to death, I guess god would have had to personally throw the stones at them.  He must've been tired after that!  Poor guy.

Somewhere I read the theory that the dinosaurs became extinct because they all went gay and there were no in vitro fertilization clinics to reproduce them.  It might have been a satire site.
Yeah sounds like satire to me.
Oh snap! That's why the meteor crashed! Gawd dunnit!
Thanks!  Very cool indeed.  Appreciate the link.

Yes, thanks for the link! Fascinating reading.


Be well-

A bit like this, hm?  :D



But really, that is an amazing discovery.

Very nice!;)
That's awesome!! I love dinosaurs. They just got cooler XD
That is really cool! We have found many examples of dinosaur-to-bird transitional fossils, such as the Sinornithosaurus millenii and the Microraptor gui. The first is a clearly feathered dinosaur, the second was a feathered dinosaur with rear "wings", though its not sure if they were used to literally fly or just glide. At any rate, it certainly aided it in landing!
Biology is far out.
I have attempted to explain to friends why the pterodactyls are not dinosaurs but that the dinosaurs with feathers are and are ancestral to birds...i realized that's hopeless.




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