"This iPhone gun is a disaster waiting to happen,” Schumer said in a news conference ...

iPhone-looking gun creator defends it against critics

CBS News- 9 hours ago

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Soon people will be making them on 3-D printers. What could go wrong?

I do think the Republicans should have allowed guns at their convention this summer. Trump won't have a majority, and his thug-assed supporters could go ballistic (every pun intended) in the convention hall, armed to the teeth, while guzzling Jack Daniels. The TV crews covering this could be behind bullet proof glass and turn it into a game show.

"OK Bob. For the $500.00 square. How many bystanders will be wounded by the by the guy in the Trump hat, giving the Nazi salute, before a Cruz supporter kills him?" Hey. The GOP the party of guns and god, right? Give them the guns and, as the old saying goes, let their god sort it out

Could make Chicago 1968 look like Gidget Goes Hawaiian

Won't you please all come to Cleveland

Just to sing

Unbelievable.  They're going to hash this all out in my town ... or try to.  Fact is, I didn't want 'em here.  Cleveland is a BLUE city, and having a bunch of pro-birth, climate-change-denying fools piped in here for the RNC struck me as wrong from Letter A.

I'm not even certain I could watch the convention as entertainment with a dash of Schadenfreude.  That's how bad I suspect it's gonna be.

I hope it's a joke... have there been any photos of a real one, as opposed to computer renderings?

Tain't No Disaster, Dammit.

No gun, no dozen guns, no thousand guns, will compete with the millions of damn fools who are overpopulating the planet.

While this may be a disaster waiting to happen there's just no stopping a 3D printer. Being raised a hillbilly I still favor 2 pieces of black pipe and a shotgun shell. Easy to make and you just switch the barrel pipe repeatedly for fast loading and firing.

I'd imagine police would be especially up in arms over this.




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