Hey guys, I chucked this story up in my blog recently, and was just wondering if any one else has any interesting, worrying, even horrific stories of discrimination against atheists. 

First half - family story which is pretty abhorrent! 

Second Half - a surprisingly ridiculous debate on discrimination against atheists with a panel that doesn't include an atheist....??? WAH???




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The stupid, it burns!
actually check my photos there's a graphic like that
The second one was so bad, I just turned it off.  It is no debate if only one side is represented.  And basically that gang is saying it's okay to mistreat atheists.  I am sure that not only atheists, but christians and jews would have a serious problem with any school that advocated saying muslim prayers.  Just because atheists may be scared to speak up doesn't mean they agree with what's going on.  When an atheist parent files a complaint against a school for advocating a specific religion, it's their kid on the front line of fire, not them.  It's very hard as a parent to knowingly put your kid in a situation where they will face severe harassment and bullying.  That's one of the main reasons I homeschool my kids.  The schools in the different places I have lived often advocate christianity over non faith and all other faiths.  I'm not going to force my kid into that hostile situation.  It's bad enough with relatives.  I understand nothing will change if we never speak up, but for heaven's sakes, these are our kids, a little not wanting to take that one on is understandable.
Yeah, that "discussion" was reminding me of Faux News, with all the one-sidedness, irrationalism and uninformed views. "Atheists are stupid because one atheist tried to get 'under God' taken from the Pledge of Allegiance". Therefore all atheists deserve to be harassed, have their kids picked on, be forced to leave town??? And about the Islamic stuff the Jewish lady was saying...this is the stupidest thing ever. Atheist and Muslim are not at all the same thing! Muslim and Christian are much more alike!

I am sickened by even the thought of watching this.

I have been talked down, tossed out, put out, and even fired once over my rational/atheist views.

this country had better wake up soon or its "by-by amerika" for me!

and ...yes....big daddy bush says we arnt even to be considered citizens.

fuck these ignorant fucks!

I wouldn't know where to start commenting on these two clips.  I do think the number of atheists in this country far exceeds 3 million especially if you add in the closet atheists and the people who like little kids who are afraid to renounce Santa for fear of net getting any gifts are afraid to admit to being Atheists "just in case".  Regardless, I think we as Atheists need to be proud of our beliefs and proudly announce we are atheists.  Contrary to what one of the women said on the second clip we do have beliefs.  In a nut shell, we believe god is an imaginary little friend for adults.  When people tell me they feel bad for me because I'm not saved and have no beliefs I tell them I think it's cute that they have an imaginary friend.  

I do believe most of the founding fathers were christian and religious.  Of course 235 years ago the whole world was filled with the superstitious.  


The real reason religious people fear us whether they are Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, etc is there is no defense against rational thought and common sense.  Point out that all they got is a bunch of magical, invisible people they read about in an old book and they have  nowhere to go.  Furthermore, the religious are very spoiled by people "respecting" each others beliefs.  That's easy when the argument is "my imaginary friend is better than yours".  When you slap them with "You're a moron for believing in imaginary friends" they get very insulted and defensive.               




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