Here is a link to an article from the makers of ATHEIST SHOES. They noticed some delays in packages to the US that had the word ATHEIST on the packaging tape and decided to run an experiment. US orders that were going to receive two packages, one was sent with normal ATHEIST packaging and the other with neutral packaging. The results probably won't surprise you.
Here's the link:
<a > Atheist Shoes study </a>

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Wherever this is going on (and I mean WHEREVER!!!), the local postmasters should be called on the carpet and figurative HELL should be raised!

My mom has often experienced delays with her mail. She adds extraineous remarks unrelated to the address of thd sender and the recipient of her mail all of the time. I have to listen to her complaints. I told her people who work in such places like drowning in lots of rules. They flip when somebody takes exception to their lock step view of the world.




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