My family has started a business in flipping houses. According to them they have officially registered. They recently flipped there first house and the second one is on the market.

I was originally promised a place as a partner in the business but my mother went behind me and partnered with her father. This did not pain me badly because I work a full time job and it is hard for me to find the time to work with her.

Two weeks ago I learned of their company structure. They where getting these loans from private investors who charged impossibly high interest rates. This concerned me because they where paying over 1,000 dollars a month and paying it off with loaned money and no financial backing. On top of these fees their closing cost and salary to the real estate broker was astronomical. They where throwing away thousands a month on borrowed money to unnecessary fees and interest.

With this in mind I sent a professional proposal and my version of a 5 year plan for their company. Within the proposal I wrote,”In no way am I expecting this plan to be used but I am attempting to show the necessity of one”. The letter had absolutely no religious or racial slur and absolutely nothing that would criticize what they where doing currently.

Yesterday I received a 6 page letter with the company logo, business cards, and sighed with my mom’s name and professional title (Rebecca Smith, Intuitive Advisor). This letter stated that they have refused my proposal and criticized its professionalism (which makes sense, it was a rough draft after all). This was only the first draft though. The other 5 ½ pages was a complete letter criticizing my lack of belief in a God saying. “I have concerns of ever hiring someone who does not believe in God”. She goes on saying that I would “disrupt the positive energy” and then starts to criticize my personal life, calling me a “drop out” over three times in the letter (I had to drop out of collage due to lack of financial support).

Now I have expecting some personal letter for a long time from my mom. But for her to bring the family business, meaning my dad and my grandparents, into our own disputes is not only highly offensive, but hurtful.

I am still in shock over this action, and wonder what I can do about this. If I leave it alone a lesson is not learned. If her company grew or was more established and she attempts something like this she could legally and financially ruin her business. If I reply and challenge what she says, I could start a dispute that last for years (my mother did something like this to my sister close to 4 years ago and they are barley getting over it).

These are the options I see and fully willing to take.

#1: Since she has under 15 employees she is protected and I cannot file a claim under the anti-discriminatory act. I can, however, report this to a number of “do not buy list” throughout the internet and send a copy of this letter to her investors and even the real estate company she is working for.

#2 send an equally long letter including a response/rebuttal to everything she says

#3 confront her directly next time I see her

#4 attempt to take the moral high ground (though I don’t know where that would be at this point)

Can anyone give me some insight on what I should do in this situation?

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I do not understand why you might be considering legal action; you have your own full time job and, although you don't state your age, I would think it is time you branched out and got away from this potential financial catastrophe. If you are still at home, move on.

Nothing you can do will persuade your mother about your inability to do anything right due to your lack of belief in this superstitious religious stuff.
So, bite the bullet and let's see who ends up in a better place a few years down the road - you could end up being the only solvent member of the family - then see who needs who.
Your right there. I pretty much threw out the option for legal action after i cooled down, so we're safe there.

I really shouldn't let it bother me. I am 22 married, out of the house and have a five year savings plan that will allow me to finally attend collage. So you’re right. 5-10 years from now, we will see who made the better decisions.
Thank you!
concerns of ever hiring someone who does not believe in God

atheist union
coming to a town near you
Ha! Nice.
If the "intuitive advisor" really believes that her intuition will help her make sound business decisions a disaster is sure to happen.

Exactly. I defiantly like your response. I put it out there and if I'm met with friction then there's nothing I can do.
Judging from your mother's letter and your response to it I'm inclined to believe the whole bunch of you are a collection of fruit cakes!! (Edit) Well, I guess that smacks of a personal attack and that was not my intention. What I see is a WHOLE BUNCH of emotional involvement that is just flat out not necessary. Your mother and grandfather are adults and are certainly entitled to go into business together if they want. From your description of the situation I'd say you are damned lucky to have been left out! Put as much emotional distance between yourself and your mother as you can. As a matter of fact, if it were I, I'd try to get a transfer out of state!!
HA! You got me, just a huge pile of fruit cakes waiting to be redistributed for Christmas.
Wow, dude. As much as I love my mom I would tell her to burn in the hell she believes in and that she should never contact me again. Screw that shit.
That is pretty much what I decided to do. (in a more softer way of course)




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