My friend is a Muslim, he is different.
He follows the new age version of Islam.
He knows that I am an atheist, and pragmatic.
He is trying to reconvert me to Islam, I had three debates with him:
His premises are:
Him:We did not evolve, Aliens put us on earth and that they are experimenting with us and the alpha alien is Allah, while satan , demons and angels are also aliens. 
We humans are the most preferred over other species, demons are less preffered but they are more advanced. 
1st Debate:
I inquired: Do we have free will?
He replied :Yes we have.
I replied: But if god is omniscient, then we don't have free will. 
He responded: A teacher gave a student the material to study and if he knows that the student didn't then he/she will fail, and god is like the teacher.
2nd Debate:
Him: Every living creature has a soul and it is based upon energy through the ATP.
He also explained how the ATP functions.
Me: If our energy/soul source is the food we eat and the soul is what built by individuality, character, conciousness, experiences, and for example we both eat the same exact thing why don't we act the same?
Him: The energy changes its form, and god gave u free will.
3rd Debate:
Him: Everything is intelligently designed.
Me: But why do we have useless organs and tissues in our bodies? Like the appendix.
Him:We have the appendix to store the bacteria responsible for breaking down sugars, and if someone has diarrhea the bacteria is stored in the appendix.
Me: Then what do think of Darwinian evolution?
Him: Darwin was only right about natural selection.
Me: Both of the concepts of intelligent design and natural selection contradict each other. If nature is about "survival of the fittest" then no need for intelligent design.
Him: Human beings did not originate from earth, we originated from another planet we are aliens to this earth, but we are adapting to it. Thats why a woman in labour is in severe pain, but other animals like baboons can give birth smoothly, and we can't control our instincts like the aliens can. The aliens want us to follow Islamic doctrine so we can progress, if God revealed himself we would be in chaos, so we are not ready for it.
He told me that his arguments are based on his research, I asked him about his sources but I forgot what they are.
I will be debating him most probably this week, his arguments still haven't persuaded, I know that it is highly probable for other creatures on other planets to exist, but I am still skeptical of his claim.
If we meet up, what should my response be?

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Okay ... if we didn't originate on this planet, why is our DNA within one chromosome of a chimpanzee?  Indeed, why do we have clearly demonstrable genetic and biological connections to all other forms of life on Earth?  Frankly, I would point your friend to Aron Ra's Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism, though I'd be dubious as to whether he'd dare to watch it.

Postscript: your friend seems to be making a whole bunch of assertions.  Can he cite supporting evidence independent of the quran (preferably peer-reviewed!), or is he pulling all of this out of his tailbone?  I suspect both you and I know the answer to that one!

Don't forget Occam's Razor. 

Religion almost always goes to a tortuous explanation when there are simpler, more likely, more logical ones.  Does it make sense for an all-knowing being to use unnecessarily complex methods for achieving somethinig?

And would an all-knowing being need a system which would require 99.9 percent of all species which have lived on this planet to go extinct for the model to work?

Yes! What Jerry said.

I've known some whacky Christians that sound a little bit like your friend, but from what I'm reading here I think your friend is almost a Scientologist already.

Don't get me wrong. I studied this nonsense (Christianity) and used to believe it and follow it. What cracks me up today is when people start telling you about an invisible man who created you and then gave you an invisible part. It gets worse when your life is nothing and the invisible part is everything. This puts an entire new meaning  on the words "to be or not to be?" Maybe being spiritual is not to be.

Don't be surprised if he cannot produce sources.

I concur. That is truly some of the most outrageous stuff I have heard for a while. And without drugs or alcohol,

I assume? Wow!

What gives him the idea that we are from another planet?  What has he read that tells him that?  You really can't debate on an educated level with these people.  They just toss in whatever enters their head during the discourse.




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