I recently moved in with a really Christian family and they want to convert me. We debate all the time and always ending up agreeing to disagree. They say they pray and cry for me, which makes me sad, but it's not going to change anything.

Overall they want me to talk to their pastor, because he can answer all the questions they can't(which is a lot). I'm really thinking about doing this.

I want to gather a giant load of completely amazing evidence, real explanations of evolution, history of religion, statistics of Atheist to Christians, ect. I want to print off lots of information and/or have a PowerPoint set up to further explain my ideals. I also want to ward off some negative stereotypes, and give further definitions of what I am and why I plan to stay the way I am.

Technically I consider my self to be a Humanist.

I have looked up lots and lots of information, but I quit for a while because technically I reached the point that religion does not and will never make any sense to me.

If you would kindly send some really good rundowns of information with anything from, charts, graphs to articles and history lessons that would amazing!!

Can someone say Boss Battle?

Edit: My Grandfather(who is living with us) says that evolution shouldn't be taught in school, and if it is taught he wants Creationism taught as well. His argument is: It's separation of church and state, not and state and church. I know this is wrong, but he doesn't. I need a way to tell him that it is in fact wrong.

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Why did you move in with a Christian family, how did that go down?

These people likely aren't worth your time. You should figure out if they are skeptical to any degree, when it comes to anything at all. You don't need charts to prove evolution. Have them explain the diversity of dogs, for example, without using evolution.
I'm 18 and I just moved out of my crazy mom's house. I don't need your prejudice; I need information.
//I don't need your prejudice//


I thought the answer to, "how did that go down" could shed some light. Easy off the peddle there, Jeff Gordon.
Sorry, I picked up some message that apparently wasn't there.

But yea, it's actually going quite well. They don't hate me, or vice versa. We have some enlightening conversations from anything to anything else. They are pretty close to the perceived stereotype of "normal Christians", who don't go overboard with anything.

They are great people and I wouldn't want to harm them in any way. It seems likewise.
For pretty hefty proof of evolution, check out vestigial leg bones in whales .... and endogenous retroviruses, embedded within DNA, which are shared between chimps and humans, but no other animals.

That said, ask them how they feel their religion is any more valid than any other religion. Point out that each religion has the same flaws.
//That said, ask them how they feel their religion is any more valid than any other religion. Point out that each religion has the same flaws.//

They have admitted to this ideal, but at the same time they used the "what if you're wrong: you'll go to hell" routine.

//and endogenous retroviruses, embedded within DNA, which are shared between chimps and humans, but no other animals.//

Very good point. Noted.
PowerPointing the pastor seems like a waste of time but there are loads of good questions, info and videos here for future reference. Good luck. You might want to have a Plan B ready if/when they find it necessary to throw the demon out of their house.
I completely understand your point of view, but just saying he is wrong is not going to work. (If it were that easy we'd be able to convert all of them in an instant.)

I'm going into this as professionally as I can, without hostility, without arrogance, without anger, prejudiced, hate, and thoroughly explain my views.
Ask the person, "what does evolution claim, that it cannot account for?"

You shift the burden to them and if you have a good working knowledge of evolution, you are liable to impress the hell out of the people asking the question.
Interesting. Keep going...
Chances are they will say some silly shit like "what about love, evolution cannot account for love". If you know your shit decently, you can explain how evolution can indeed account for "love".

Whether the accept the answer at all, is a whole other deal.

That's why you should ask them to describe what evolution say and why they do not accept it.

Chances are you will expose their ignorance and if they are intellectually honest, they will at least admit they need to find more out .
//I wonder if you should bite this elephant off in little pieces.//

Yea John, I like this.

//no wait... don't go with freewill...//

Indeed, it's hard to make people understand that we really don't have free will at all, since everything can be accounted for between genes and environment.




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