Disgusting Commercial for Dodge during the Superbowl

I was considering buying a Dodge this year, then I saw this ad and realized that this company has little to no marketing sense because they chose to alienate all buyers who aren't Jewish or Christian by running this on the 8th day god created farmers, Paul Harvey horseshit. I was already annoyed by the Ram Tough commercials wondering why they only sought to appeal to rednecks and trogs and now this... I've owned three of their vehicles and I'll never buy another... good job Dodge. I had been driving through the local Dodge dealership eyeballing the new Dart and the Challenger which was an old love of mine for sometime too... 

Paul Harvey God made a farmer, Dodge ad...

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It also shows god's poor judgement.  I'd take a ripe juicy fig, or a luscious tomato, or a fresh peach, over a charred lamb chop anytime.  

LOL no doubt! 

And Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden.  And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch: (Genesis 4:16 - 4:17) 

Just out of idle curiosity, where in the heck did this extra woman come from? 

I owned a Dodge 1500 Ram quad cab truck with standard transmission. Transmission was a piece of shit. I owned one, and as a result, I'll never own a second. Piece of junk on 4 wheels.

Pat, that was once a question that got me in trouble in Baptist Sunday School at 15. 

I had one of these:

It was pretty good as long as I was going down hill.  Reverse worked pretty good too.

LOL I think I'll post your question over on my Facebook and watch the idiots go mad... 

What an insult to any person of intelligence, especially farmers.  Quite obnoxious, really.  I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth.   

I saw it during the Superbowl, all I could do was stand there saying yelling at the screen and wondering how long is this god damn commercial??? I think Dodge has way too much money and judging by this thread I think they should have put more in their vehicles and less in their classless, carny act commercials.  I was absolutely disgusted by this one and the damn Jeep one with Queen Oprah the often duped.... 

My mother used to listen to Paul Harvey every day.  This took me back to that simpler time.  She didn't like every thing - she's often say "He's full of baloney!" but she still listened almost religiously.


On the other hand, to me he represented something more ominous about America.  He was part of a now, almost-forgotten movement of right wing repression.   From wikipedia:


Harvey was a friend of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover...Harvey would often submit "advance copies of his radio script for comment and approval."... It is believed that Harvey's friendship with Hoover helped Harvey escape criminal charges relating to his trespassing at Argonne National Laboratory. Harvey was also a close friend of Senator Joseph McCarthy and supporter of his search for Communists.... close friend of Reverend Billy Graham...  (Edited for brevity)


I had forgotten about Harvey for years.  Didn't know he was still alive in the 2000s, to receive the medal of honor by George W Bush.  



Wow I did not know that about Paul Harvey, that's particularly creepy!

And on the 8th day (or 9th - I forget) gawd created a Dodge - can I have an Amen

LOL Jim,  I always wonder how it is he created light after day... can you have day without light???  Wouldn't that then be night?

Easy. Gawd started the creation at midnight.  Remember, he works in mysterious ways (sneaky devil....er. deity) 




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