Disgusting Commercial for Dodge during the Superbowl

I was considering buying a Dodge this year, then I saw this ad and realized that this company has little to no marketing sense because they chose to alienate all buyers who aren't Jewish or Christian by running this on the 8th day god created farmers, Paul Harvey horseshit. I was already annoyed by the Ram Tough commercials wondering why they only sought to appeal to rednecks and trogs and now this... I've owned three of their vehicles and I'll never buy another... good job Dodge. I had been driving through the local Dodge dealership eyeballing the new Dart and the Challenger which was an old love of mine for sometime too... 

Paul Harvey God made a farmer, Dodge ad...

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Yeah no doubt and the Jeep one wasn't any good either IMO, but you know the flava, you say Gawd and the sheep all go Awwww.

Read about "dog whistle" politics and apply to advertising.  "Dog whistle" means that targeted groups hear it, like dogs hearing the high pitched whistle, while the rest of us dont.  Usually, that's directed to racism in politics, with politicians making benign-sounding statement that their target audience here's as "I'm on your side".  Like using the term "urban voter" as a synonym for "black", which was something Romney did.

What that gets here is, it looks like Chrysler is using "dog whistle advertising" to give a target audience their message:  "We're one of you.  We are bible reading, religious conservatives.  We are the true America", but without saying it.  Under all of the schmaltzy farmer-as-hero poetry, Chrysler's ad agency must know that Paul Harvey's voice is known to millions of rural people, that he is known to his listeners as knee-jerk conservative, with "one of us" religious conservative cred.

Advertising agencies are not stupid.  They are big on subliminal messages, especially when the product is sold not by quality, or reliability, or value, but by image.  

Tammy S, you recognized the ad for what it is.  Your "religious radar" is finely tuned to seek out the bullshit.  

I keep hoping the masses will wake up and realize they're being led by a ring through their noses and that if they count something as sacred, they should be incensed that these advertisers would profane it to make a buck, or that pundits should profane it to earn votes, but like Barnum once said, "There's a sucker born every minute." Sad fact is, they seem to be born suckers and doomed to die as such!

I drive a Toyota.  It gets 32 mpg average.

I drove a 40MPG Toyota Tercel in the early-mid 1980s and I see people go gaga over econoboxes that get less mileage than it did.  Can't figure that one out.

I used to drive a tercel corolla, 1982 I think.  it was great on mileage and neat to look at.  The market and competition is holding back our ability to have economical and environmentally responsible cars.  How can  you uncorrupt a corrupt mind?

Yes it was a lot cornball, but I hardly got all upset on the '8th day' bit as something that would 'offend people who are not Jewish or Christian'. No one (not even Harvey) was actually suggesting any of that represented either truth or any actual religion.

I don't see it as any different than the fundies getting upset over the devil in the Mercedes commercial. I liked that one. Does that mean I'm being seduced into believing in Satan?

Reasonable reply. I don't think we need to be offended. It's just a commercial. There were more offensive commercials during the Superbowl. It was elevating farmers, if anything.

Sounds like a terrible commercial

Actually it was pretty well done ... after all gawd made it.

Yeah pretty damn boring and long too honestly, farmers of the type he speaks of are pretty much a dying breed, they've been taken over by corporate farms nowadays anyway. /all hail Monsanto

Funny or Die nailed it with their spoof of the ad, "God made a factory farmer".


"Here's to shameless heartland pandering."


Tara Lohan's commentary on Alternet is worth reading.


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