Disgusting Commercial for Dodge during the Superbowl

I was considering buying a Dodge this year, then I saw this ad and realized that this company has little to no marketing sense because they chose to alienate all buyers who aren't Jewish or Christian by running this on the 8th day god created farmers, Paul Harvey horseshit. I was already annoyed by the Ram Tough commercials wondering why they only sought to appeal to rednecks and trogs and now this... I've owned three of their vehicles and I'll never buy another... good job Dodge. I had been driving through the local Dodge dealership eyeballing the new Dart and the Challenger which was an old love of mine for sometime too... 

Paul Harvey God made a farmer, Dodge ad...

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Yeah pretty damn boring and long too honestly, farmers of the type he speaks of are pretty much a dying breed, they've been taken over by corporate farms nowadays anyway. /all hail Monsanto

Funny or Die nailed it with their spoof of the ad, "God made a factory farmer".


"Here's to shameless heartland pandering."


Tara Lohan's commentary on Alternet is worth reading.

That is extremely funny.

And it's a nice commentary to boot.

That was funny, thanks!

Yeah we grew up in a farming community, it's not nearly that romantic. I remember Farm Aid, farmers losing everything, even their dishes and suits watching helplessly as some auctioneer sold some of their most private possessions to the highest bidder, it was anything but romantic here. 


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