Dish Network forcing citizens to have "Religious Channels" in their Program Packages.

I signed up for Dish Network (it's a satellite TV company) here in Yuma AZ. The new customer package was just $19.99/month and included extended Movie stations like HBO, Starz etc and entailed about 200 stations. After 3 months, "New Customer Promotions" ended & if I continued with Dish, I was forced to choose continuing that Extensive Package *at normal prices* (very co$$tly!) or choose another 'Package'. I chose the Budget Package which has about 50 stations and now costs me $40/month. Besides Dish pulling the Bait-and-Switch tric... I'm EXTREMELY upset this Budget Package includes 9 (NINE!!) Religious channels!!! No more CNN or MSNBC but there's two Fox News stations!!! Is Religion in the back pockets of ALL Television Media corporations?

Maybe Religious Groups feel if a person chooses a low-budget TV "Budget Package", they are destitute and 'vulnerable' therefore they can 'reach' those low-budget viewers. Whatever the marketing tactic, having to view Religious Programming while I search for a show, offends and sickens me - are not a person's civil rights being violated being forced to pay for Religious stations??

In trying to get my mind off these issues, I go to The Game Channel only to see The Great Bible Challenge being played over and over!

If I had to pay more to pick-and-choose just the top 10 stations I'd like to watch... I'd do that. But no Satellite companies offer that.

I've written Dish Network but I expect no resolve or understanding.

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