Report: Ark Encounter Cheating On Property Taxes, Hurting Local Schools
August 28, 2019 by Michael Stone

Dishonest Christians: According to new reports Ken Ham’s conservative Christian theme park Ark Encounter is failing to pay their fair share of property taxes, and hurting public schools in the process.
A new lawsuit filed by the Grant County Board of Education in Kentucky claims that Ham’s Ark Encounter has been cheating on their property taxes by undervaluing the anti-science, Bible.........

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Can we hope that Ham will finally be called on the carpet for this ridiculous ego-trip of his?  PLEASE???

Would love to see that happen. My heart flutters when I see these ''people'' called out.

Do I remember correctly that Ham received loans from the community to build his monstrosity and now he can't carry the load for his share of local taxes? He hoodwinked the foolish not once, but twice. The community may be getting its just rewards. Will they hold him accountable? Probably not!

Only time will tell.

The most you can say here is that the state of Kentucky asked for it. This is their just reward.




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