We all know that men outnumber women in atheist groups. Do you think this impacts courting?

Scarcity of Women Leads Men to Spend More, Save Less

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Great reply!

Good points. The Nerd!

Spending money in the original study seems to me just one observable expression of a general willingness to invest more of any resource, not only money, but also effort, time, overcoming obstacles, when suitable women are scarce. 

I do hope one lonely atheist in my age group is willing to overcome obstacles like the geographical distance and gets interested in knowing me....

I'm going to say "yes" on the simple premise that atheists have more disposable income on hand because we aren't wasting 10-15% or more of our incomes tithing to a church. (This is of course far from scientific)

Now, if more of us would get of the computers and go out there and actually meet people, we can start procreating more and avoid the impending Idiocracy.

(1).  The bigger question for me in the article is, why, in Columbus, Ga, were there 1.18 single men for every single woman, but in Macon, Ga, there were 0.78 single men for every woman?  

(2)  I think there must be a correlation/causation fallacy at work there.  There are many socioeconomic issues in play - it would take a thoughtful statistical analysis to work them out.  Using the fact that the cities are only 100 miles apart is bullshit - you can probably find places 10 miles apart with vastly different incomes and behaviors.  The authors should be chided for using that misleading information.

(3)  In addition, the data given was for "average consumer debt" - what if the debt for women and men follow different patterns?  This article assumes that men's spending is what drives the debt.  What if it's LACK of men's spending (such as on child support) that drives debt (just to pay the bills).

From wikipedia, for Columbus:

For every 100 females there were 94.7 males; The median income = $34,798; Male median = $30,238

Females median income = $24,336; Per capita income was $18,262; 15.7% of the population was below the poverty line

While for Macon

For every 100 females there were 79.7 males; Median income = $27,405; Males median income = $29,950

female median income = $22,865 for females; The per capita income = $16,082; 25.5% of the population was below the poverty line,

The 2 cities have vastly different poverty levels.  I did not pursue other demographics - this is enough to   question the article.  

As for courting in atheist groups, my impression is that the boorish behavior of some men drives women away.  That's the gist of numerous discussions on here.  I think that's not the case in my local atheist group, which as far as I can see has no courting behavior, but maybe I'm blind to that.  Atheists are such a polyglot I don't think we can predict spending based on nonbelief.

As for my own behavior, since it's been men who I dated it's probably not relevant, but I'll say anyway.  When I had more money to spend, I did.  When I had less money to spend, I did not spend.  I had very mixed feelings about money spent on me, and when there was disparity of income, I was very self conscious.  On the one hand, being offered to come along on a cruise (for example) was exciting; to decline meant that my low income limited the choices for my higher income boyfriend; but then again, to accept meant that he made the choices.  Since I'm settled and secure now,and not "dating", I often give gifts to coworkers and friends, and I hate to feel limited by income disparity - so if I want to give my assistant flowers, which she loves, I do it.  No courtship intended or implied.  But I also bake cakes and cookies, which doesn't cost much, and give people fruit and veggies and eggs from my garden.

Random comments, in east Asia, the gender ratios are cause for interest.  Wikipedia, gender ratios below.  Naturally, pink is more female, blue is more male.  And green is equal.  Go Mongolia!

I read that in some affluent, mostly-male parts of Asia, men are importing wives from less affluent areas (such as Korean men importing Vietnamese and Philippine women).  

Sorry for the rambling, I'm in a rambling mood.

It's not rambling to me. Thanks for your well thought out and personal response. It's also nice to get to know you more.

I was one of the few dates that my wife had that insisted on going dutch.  You can pay now or pay latter. Just make sure that if you pay latter, it is who you want to be with.  I still think I'm getting a bargian, even with her upping the price.

I don't think spending on a potential mate has anything to do with belief or non-belief. Or, for that matter, gay or straight.

Personal, and anecdotal, story.  I was sitting at an outdoor bar one evening on Havana Harbor, in Cuba, with my lady a few years ago.  I was talking to the bartender (and a few other Cubans who wanted to meet the Americanos) about what me and my S/O were going to do the next day.  They kept telling me we needed to go to Obispo Street in the old section of Havana.  I finally figured out it was where all the artisan shops, crafts, artwork, and general souvenirs were.

Mind you, at this point in the conversation, I had been doing more than my part to boost the economy of the Cuban rum industry (mojitos). I said something to the effect of, "Oh, I get it. The señora gets all the items, and I pay all the money."

The bartender looked at me, somewhat amused, and made his point very succinctly. "Señor, you are a capitalist. I am a communist. It's universal."

I would definitely spend more on a date than my (non-atheist) friends would be willing to. I find, more often than not, it's because I hold a person's atheism to be so important. Finding another atheist who I find attractive is so rare, certainly given our status as a minority group, that I am willing to put much more into the prospective relationship because my goals are far from just casual sex. I guess that for me it just comes down to quality > quantity.

(This, of course, could apply to any minority group including those which are religious.)




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