Survey: Do you know of any atheists who oppose gay marriage? If so, I would like to know why. Gay marriage has always been a religious issue because the gods don’t like gays to marry. Why would an atheist support making gay marriage illegal?

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How interesting. It seems our 'atheist' friend Charles has a penchant for Christian music. On his Amazon wishlist is a CD called "A Worshippers Perspective" - playlist includes:
1. Holy Spirit
2. Father I Worship You
3. Song of the Lord

First review of this CD: "I am sooooooo glad that I found this CD. It is absolutely a good product. I love to hear the worship that oozes from the CD. I wish he would do more of the prophetic worship."

He also wants "God's Property" - so he can bop along to classics like "My Life is in Your Hands", "Sweet Spirit", "Faith", and "He Will Take the Pain Away".

First review of this one: "I have to say that KIrk's album has blessed me during some of the darkest days of my life. This album has restored my joy many times in the last few months. Kirk has been ridiculed about his success in his style. I feel it works, and his music makes me feel good in the Lord. As Larry Norman once said, "Why should the devil get all the good music"? God Bless you Kirk Franklin, your music has blessed me with joy."

Charles also covets two books "God's Plan for Your Money" and "God's Plan for Your Finances"

Charles has tagged several Amazon articles:

"Psalms Hymns and Spiritual Songs" apparently has "good variety"

While others are "Great for meditation and worship" and "Great praise and worship".

Could it be a different Charles Claybrooks, you ask? Possibly, but it all seems a bit too coincidental doesn't it? A different Charles Claybrooks could well be on Amazon, but you would assume that someone who just 'happened' to have the same rather unusual name as someone posting a transparently Christian view on homosexuality on an atheist website would be unlikely to 'just happen' to have a penchant for transparently Christian CDs and books.

Is it definitive proof that Charles is a troll. Probably not. Does it put my bullshit radar into overdrive? Definitely.
Why do you hate Christians so much? Dude, chill out. Not all Christians are infected with Teh Bad. Just like gays aren't infected with Teh Bad. A lot of Christians reconcile science and their religion quite easily; a lot of scientists have found God through science, just like a lot of scientists have discarded God because of science.

Sure, you might not be Christian, but that just makes you an atheist troll. Whatever. Admit your trollish nature with pride, and move on. Continue citing your evidence with obviously-antagonistic-Christian sources, continue being pigheaded and stubborn, and by all means, continue making a fool of yourself as you make less and less sense.

In fact, I applaud your stalwart efforts to be as obstinate and irritating as possible. Good for you! :D Here, have a hug: )---^_^---(

Just for you!
Troll, troll, there's a troll in the dungeoooooooooon!

But can we REALLY know that he's a troll? Is his trollishness knowable? You may be agnostic towards his troll-ey nature, but HE IS AN ATHEIST TOWARDS HIS TROLLERY! You may claim that we cannot know for sure, BUT HE DENIES ITS VERY EXISTENCE!

Excuse me, I've been up too long. :D
I don't see how this is an offensive isn't a statement of any sort. In any case, it's only a headline, meant to grab the attention of the reader.
Some gays want to be viewed as victims.

Oh, totally. After all, 21-year-old Matthew Shepard was clearly just a big baby who couldn't suck it up and take it like a (straight) man. 15-year-old Lawrence King was just an attention-whore. Clearly.

I wouldn't support sibling marriage so therefore, I won't support gay marriage. That's one argument they can't touch.

I can touch it. I can put my icky queer hands all over it, if I want to. So, let's see. Supporting sibling marriage = supporting gay marriage? If you suddenly decide that you support gay marriage, will you automatically support sibling marriage? I mean, I don't know how you work, but I can decide things independently of each other.
Mmmm... queer hands all over it.
Oh, yeah. All over it. Everywhere they can get to. Such a sexy, sexy it. :P
Exactly, and it worked. Lovely spirited discussion and great information.
Homosexuality and a/theism are independent of each other. You can be a gay theist or a gay atheist. You can be theist and think homosexuality is fine, you can be theist and think it's not. You can be atheist and think it's fine, you can be atheist and think it's not.

The homosexuals telling atheists to shut up about religion probably belong in the first group of possibilities. I rather doubt that you'd find them in any other group. The gays trying to gain acceptance at church doors are probably in the first group, as well, and are pissed because they feel that they've been betrayed by what was supposed to be the ultimate safe haven for them - their God.
If homosexuals win wider acceptance in society, will they continue to value the rights of other kinds of minority interests (emphasis mine)

We don't have a hive mind, Ralph.
If homosexuals win wider acceptance in society, will they continue to value the rights of other kinds of minority interests, or will those who think like Andrew Sullivan, want a big push for "faith" and try to marginalize all criticism of religious belief?

I'm sure some will. However, as Méabh said, homosexuals aren't a hive mind. What one does is not always what another would do. Those who already think like Mr. Sullivan will most likely want a big push for faith, and those who don't will likely oppose that push. You can't say, "You're a part of X group, therefore you will always make Y decision." When people make that assumption, they forget or overlook that X group is made up of abcdefg... categories (or people), who, as individuals, makes ...tuvwxyz decisions. Being part of X group may make people more likely to make Y decision, but it doesn't mean that they will always make Y decision.
That is exactly the issue, amen brother. Gays continue to support the institutions that deny them human rights. Muy estupido.



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