Survey: Do you know of any atheists who oppose gay marriage? If so, I would like to know why. Gay marriage has always been a religious issue because the gods don’t like gays to marry. Why would an atheist support making gay marriage illegal?

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Having known a few gay people whose parents have kicked them out for being gay, I have to believe that it isn't a choice. These people loved their parents, and loved their religions, and some even went through traumatic therapy; they are still gay.
For the sibling marriage argument, I haven't met anyone who fancies their siblings, and even if someone did, they probably only have one or two siblings. That means that they only have to get over one or two crushes, and have the rest of the human race to get married to.
Animals can't consent, which means not only could they not get married, but also any attempt to mate with one is rape.
Charles, you reveal yourself with every word you write. No. Mainstream scientists just can't 'make it up' - that's what the peer review process is about. We are not talking about a couple of studies, we're talking about hundreds of studies over decades - all peer reviewed - that have led to the scientific consensus that there is nothing unnatural or 'disordered' about being gay.

Your 'slippery slope' argument is well-known to us from Fundies Say the Darndest Things. Sexual intercourse with a bird (if that was even possible) or an ape could not be consensual - therefore we would, of course, oppose it.

And why, Charles, as an 'atheist' are you so concerned about gays' "Christian phobia"?

I think your atheist days are numbered Charlie-boy.
Kristy is on fire today.
Kristy is my freaking hero today. ^_^
An atheist-investigator in the midst! :-)
I am hoping this will be the end of this thread. The original post has been lost in countering Mr Claybrooks. As long as people keep responding to him the more chance there is for him to post his offensive and irrational perspective. Let's let this wither and die folks.
Anne, there's something cathartic for some of us in mocking homophobes.

While I agree with Anne on her comment regarding wanting the end of this thread, I feel the need to comment. I do think that there is a phenomenon on the internet, where threads take on their own life, separate from the original post, especially when one person has an agenda, and it violates some sort of etiquette. Still, here we are.

The title of the thread is simplistic. The answer is that probably most Western atheists don't "hate gays" but a few do. Mr. Claybrooks pretty much defines hating gays, and he has the atheist credential of a rap video promoting atheism, so there's the answer to the question: this particular atheist is homophobic, which is hateful towards gays, even if he lacks the insight to recognise his homophobia as hate. Lacking insight, he may have his own psychological basis for homophobia, including past abuse or same sex attraction that he is suppressing. His macho persona (watch the video) would prevent any look into his own sexual history or attraction, and may be overcompensation. Regardless, the lack of insight will take time and maturity to develop. If it ever does.

If you look at officially officially atheist societies, such as the old USSR and China, you'll find lots of homophobia, including antigay laws leading to arrests and jail time. I would define that as hate as well.

As for gay marriage, it gets into the rights and responsibilities of marriage. The current system provides literally hundreds of benefits to married couples, as well as defining the rights of the married couple and their responsibilities toward one another. Having a separate system, that benefits heterosexuals and deprives gays of equal rights, is homophobic. Again, it is a type of institutionalized hate. Not as bad as torture and hangings (Iran), or jail time (everywhere, including modern US history), but still hate.

As someone who is gay, and who has experienced bigotry, violence, lies, hate and discrimination, I can't help but feel my blood pressure increase with the disingenuous arguments, lack of insight, and generally bigoted attitude of Mr. Claybrooks. Being atheist doesn't make someone intelligent or wise. It just means that someone doesnt beleive in gods. I do think there is a correlation between critical thinking and atheist world-view, but it is not absolute.

Frustrating, but as I've said elsewhere, I'm a big boy. Mr. Claybrooks' specious arguments answer, in part, the title of the original post: An atheist hates gays. He's a bit afraid that, as an atheist, he might be tarred with the gay brush, and that violates his macho persona. Too bad.
Ads - read the forum. The rest of your babble - I am not even going to try to decipher it. More punctuation and grammar. Less caps. Logical paragraph structure is probably too much to ask, but that would be nice too. And ease up on the caffeine.
Uhm . . . No, I don't think that A|N has much say about who advertises here. It's a site that's relevant to religion, therefore the ads on the side bar will be religiously relevant. If this were a dating site, there would be singles ads on the side bar. If this were a cooking site, cooking ads.

Cool down.
Chuck: If you want to include 100's of studies, you have to come to the conclusion that homosexuality is an acceptable mental disorder.

So's being a rap wannabe. Your point ?


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