Survey: Do you know of any atheists who oppose gay marriage? If so, I would like to know why. Gay marriage has always been a religious issue because the gods don’t like gays to marry. Why would an atheist support making gay marriage illegal?

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You know, you seem very distrusting of all studies that show homosexuality to be something people are born with, yet when it comes to the ones that agree with your own beliefs, you automatically accept them as truth.... I don't believe that anything said here will persuade you that being gay is not a mental disorder, but it would still be great if you could keep an open mind.
By which logic we could assume that some people are born left handed which is a brain defect.
And secondly?
Some research has suggested that gay people are more likely to be left handed....
Left handed Catholics were forced to use their right hands in school, because left was associated with the devil. My grandmother had her left hand tied to her chair so that she couldn't use it.
Studies have also found that dominate hands affect the way you think, and I myself have noticed that when I write with my right hand maths become infinitely more easy than with my left. (I'm ambidextrous)
Any ways, who's to say which gender's wrong?
Assuming for a second that the studies show this and are completely true (honestly, I'm assuming it)...then so what? How is homosexuality anymore "twisted" than being left-handed?
So wait, assuming that's the case, doesn't that make gay a physical not a personality chracteristic?

Also, what about intersex people?
What makes a characteristic personality?
I should have said nurture vs. nature. In this case, when I said personality, I should have said nurture.
Then yeah, being gay is nature rather than nurture, by Charles Claybrooks' own logic...if I can follow the twisting path.
Oh gosh, Creature, don't even bring intersexed people into this when Charles doesn't even know the difference between sex and gender.

Too many notes.
And, more importantly, why do rappers behave like reetards ?
felch, I know some who don't.
So I'm twisted because I'm left-handed?

Wow. Talk about blindly following the mainstream with no regard for minorities.

And it's not like gay people get parts of their brains switched at birth, or anything. Your entire reply (minus the left-handed comment, you nitwit) invalidates all of your arguments, because you ADMIT that it's HOW THEY'RE BORN.

See? Of course you don't.



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