Survey: Do you know of any atheists who oppose gay marriage? If so, I would like to know why. Gay marriage has always been a religious issue because the gods don’t like gays to marry. Why would an atheist support making gay marriage illegal?

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Kristy is on fire today.
Kristy is my freaking hero today. ^_^
An atheist-investigator in the midst! :-)
I am hoping this will be the end of this thread. The original post has been lost in countering Mr Claybrooks. As long as people keep responding to him the more chance there is for him to post his offensive and irrational perspective. Let's let this wither and die folks.
Anne, there's something cathartic for some of us in mocking homophobes.

Ads - read the forum. The rest of your babble - I am not even going to try to decipher it. More punctuation and grammar. Less caps. Logical paragraph structure is probably too much to ask, but that would be nice too. And ease up on the caffeine.
Uhm . . . No, I don't think that A|N has much say about who advertises here. It's a site that's relevant to religion, therefore the ads on the side bar will be religiously relevant. If this were a dating site, there would be singles ads on the side bar. If this were a cooking site, cooking ads.

Cool down.
Chuck: If you want to include 100's of studies, you have to come to the conclusion that homosexuality is an acceptable mental disorder.

So's being a rap wannabe. Your point ?
Watch Charlie Check'ms rap video. Look at how he interacts with the guys, then the woman. Look at how well the guys dance with him, the woman not at all. Look who he leaves with in the end - it's the guys. Looks like he's not rapping about rolling with an atheist, he's rapping about rolling with the guys.

This is really all we know about Charlie. His rap video, and his homophobia.

Then look at his obsession with one website, designed by and for homophobes who want to 'convert' gays. It's hard to escape that this is a subliminally gay atheist with self-hatred, and he just can't see through his own same-sex attraction.

No doubt guys come on to him - he's nice looking. So he compensates with homophobia. It's a shame. It might be better to give up the downlow and face reality.
You know, you seem very distrusting of all studies that show homosexuality to be something people are born with, yet when it comes to the ones that agree with your own beliefs, you automatically accept them as truth.... I don't believe that anything said here will persuade you that being gay is not a mental disorder, but it would still be great if you could keep an open mind.
By which logic we could assume that some people are born left handed which is a brain defect.
And secondly?



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