Survey: Do you know of any atheists who oppose gay marriage? If so, I would like to know why. Gay marriage has always been a religious issue because the gods don’t like gays to marry. Why would an atheist support making gay marriage illegal?

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Oh you gay girls, always trying to recruit us straight ones. ;-) Larissa, you're welcome to pitch a tent in our yard, if you don't mind the bandicoots, snakes and goannas that live there.
No drop bears?
I just spent some time reviewing the NARTH web site and came away just a bit disturbed. I spent the major part of my career working as a scientist thus I have a pretty good working knowledge of the scientific method and how and how not to try to answer questions.

One of the precepts of the scientific method is that one never sets out to prove something, one frames an hypothesis and then attempts to falsify it. Sadly, NARTH states both explicitly and implicitly that one of their goals is to prove that homosexuality is a choice and that those who propose that it has a genetic component are wrong.

To me, the flaws in NARTH's positions are glaringly obvious as they should be to any thinking person. Thus, anyone who cites NARTH in support of an argument either does not understand real science or is being deliberately disingenuous.
I have some tallies for you all. This entirely trufax-scientific-research has been brought to you by the entirely trufax-scientific-knowledgeable peeps at NARTH.

So far, as of 1:30 am Pacific Time on 3rd August 2009, Chucky-boy has mentioned:

Just Like a Christian: 45+ times.
Incest: at least 16 times.
Bestiality: at least at least 7 times.
Rape Causes Teh Gay: at least 17 times.
YOU/THE GAYS ARE ALL LYING!: at least 16 times.
Straw Man Argument: at least 18 times.
NARTH is a Totes Legit Resource: at least 13 times.
There's Something Wrong with Their Brains: at least 25 times.
They're Attracted to the Wrong Sex: at least 18 times.
Left-Handed People Are Twisted (But Not as Much as Gays): 1 time.
"Masquering" instead of "Masquerading": 7 times.

Hilarious things have been said at least 5 times.
Funny macros have been posted at least 5 times.

This research totally proves that cyanide is good for you. You're just like a lying, gay-because-you-were-molested, wrong-brained, left-handed, incest- and bestiality-supporting, parrot-marrying, polygamous Christian masquering as a trufax scientist if you don't believe me.
Good thing I'm not really a Christian, otherwise I'd think I was doom-ed for being left handed, pansexual, and polly-amorous (These are all true, except one "l" and the hyphen in polly-amorous are a lie). My brain is a pretzel.

...but...but... polygamy is o.k., as long as it is between a heterosexual man and heterosexual wimminz.
FRI's is run by Paul Cameron, who earned his doctorate in psychology at the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1966. Considerable controversy surrounds Dr. Cameron and his research. The American Psychological Association (APA) dropped Cameron from its membership on December 2, 1983 for lack of cooperation in an inquiry into his research methods.

In 1982, Cameron said publicly at a meeting:

"Right now, here in Lincoln, there is a 4-year-old boy who has had his genitals almost severed from his body at Gateway in the rest room with a homosexual act… It’s really awkward. I could see where Gateway would want to suppress this. I could see where the parents would want to suppress it. It could be just a rumor. But enough things have happened recently so that such a thing doesn’t have to be invented."

When the local news media investigated the story, they found the local police baffled — nothing like it had been reported. Reporters then checked all area hospitals, but none reported any admissions for what would clearly be a very grave injury. In the end, they determined that it simply didn’t happen. Dr. Cameron made it all up.

When the story was finally revealed as a hoax Cameron admitted the rumor was without foundation.

Cameron has since become known for his willingness to make outrageous claims based on false or misleading evidence. He has made a career of misrepresenting legitimate scientific research, taking the findings of peer-reviewed articles out of context, and even making up “facts” altogether. He has even included rumors and urban legends in his “findings.” And he has done all of this while reminding his audience of his credentials as a professional psychologist.

After six other psychologists complained that he had deliberately misrepresented of their work in his anti-gay writings, the American Psychological Association (APA) began an investigation. They finally notified him on December 2, 1983, that the board voted to drop him from the membership “for lack of cooperation with the Committee on Scientific and Professional Ethics and Conduct.”

When he misused Dr. A Nicolas Groth’s research in a pamphlet entitled “Child Molestation and Homosexuality,” Dr. Groth wrote the Nebraska Board of Examiners of Psychologists on August 21, 1984 that Dr. Cameron:

[Dr. Cameron] misrepresents my findings and distorts them to advance his homophobic views. I make a very clear distinction in my writing between pedophilia and homosexuality, noting that adult males who sexually victimize young boys are either pedophilic or heterosexual, and that in my research I have not found homosexual men turning away from adult partners to children.

I consider this totally unprofessional behavior on the part of Dr. Cameron and I want to bring this to your attention. He disgraces his profession

Dr Cameron then switched from calling his research “psychology” to calling it “sociology.” This prompted the American Sociological Association in 1985 to pass a resolution saying, “Dr. Paul Cameron has consistently misinterpreted and misrepresented sociological research on sexuality, homosexuality, and lesbianism.

“The American Sociological Association officially and publicly states that Paul Cameron is not a sociologist, and condemns his consistent misrepresentation of sociological research.

All of the journals in which Cameron has published his papers are poorly rated as scientific journals, many are not peer-reviewed, and some are 'vanity' journals, in which you pay to be published.

He is a quack.

You're just like a Christian, all this lying and backtracking and --- wait, that's what Charlie's doing. Lol, guess you're right.

And damn, yeah, my spell-check somehow missed polly-amorous. Sorry 'bout that.

...but...but... polygamy is o.k., as long as it is between a heterosexual man and heterosexual wimminz.

Only if the wimminz know their place is in the household, cooking and cleaning and serving the man and popping out bebbehs. DON'T BE MISLEADING, INTERNET WIFE. I'd say get me an internet-sammich, but I'm not the man, so why don't you fetch the parrot a cracker instead. ^_^
That's a big lie. I never said anything about left-handed people

Don't freaking lie to me, Charlie.

Studies shows that a part of a gay male's brain is similar to a part of a straight females brain. The same is true for gay female's brain.

Simply being lefted handed is no where near as twisted as having a part of the wrong gender's brain.

I'm sorry. You were talking about lefted-handed people. Big difference. My bad.

You said that I said,


My reply,

That's a lie. I said never said ALL.

Hyperbole is lost on you. You've screamed it enough that I doubt there's a homo/bisexual or supporter of them that you'd believe.

You said that I said,

NARTH is a Totes Legit Resource

My reply,

That's another lie. I said they are a website that promotes scientific studies.

You trotted out the NARTH website MULTIPLE TIMES AFTER it had been discredited as a reliable source. You're STILL trotting it out. That's a HUGE indication that YOU believe that the NARTH website and what it promotes is a valid resource. STFU about NARTH, already. NOBODY HERE BELIEVES YOU.
I was replying to the lie about me saying left-handed people are twisted. I said left-handed people are no where near as twisted as people who have the wrong brain. You knew what I meant. You distorted my quote. You know that I was getting the point across that being left handed is no comparison to having the wrong gender's brain.

NOWHERE NEAR AS TWISTED is not the same as THERE IS NO COMPARISON. "Nowhere near" indicates that yes, to some degree it IS twisted. If you had WANTED to say that there's no comparison to being gay and being left-handed, why didn't you say "There's no comparison"? Liar, liar, pants on fire!

I have caps!

Narth list several studies from several psychologists.

You, a supposed atheist who should be taking anything Christians claim with a grain of salt, have linked to NARTH, a KNOWN Fundie Christian propaganda site. You went on to link the Family Research Institute, which is ANOTHER known Fundie Christian group.

You're linking to these sites, I believe, not because they're accurate, but because they espouse what YOU want to hear. You're not doing ANY thinking for yourself, it seems. And, to use your own words, that's - what is it, kids? That's right! - just like a Christian.
F33r my internet spouse's 1337 screen cap skillz.
At this point, I'm fairly certain that the first bullet point in my summary was eerily accurate. Charlie only seems capable of linking to fundie Christian sites, thus his protestations of his atheism ring hollow. He's desperately homophobic and in denial about it. He likes to hang with the straight guys cuz they're so macho. He was obviously molested as a child. He's a self-loathing closet gay Christian. God help him. Oh, shoot, that's not gonna happen, now is it? Because, you know, God doesn't exist, and if he did, he wouldn't want anything to do with God-hating gays like Charlie.

Somebody needs a hug. A nonthreatening, motherly, careful-now-just-the-shoulders, strictly platonic but safely hetero hug.
For a topic you're not very interested in, you sure talk about it a lot.




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