Survey: Do you know of any atheists who oppose gay marriage? If so, I would like to know why. Gay marriage has always been a religious issue because the gods don’t like gays to marry. Why would an atheist support making gay marriage illegal?

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I don't know of any atheists who oppose gay marriage. In fact, I think many atheists, like myself, actively support it. Based on rational principles, allowing gay couples to marry has no negative effect on anyone else. Theists may not like it, but ultimately, it does not effect their lives or their marriages one iota.
I've never known an Atheist who opposes gays... in fact, I'm QUITE sure the question has been posed by an impostor.

Gotta love when the religious disobey the rules of the site and ask questions that are blatantly religious in nature.

Quit trying to find reasons to excuse your hatred towards atheists Alex, and start looking at your own religious beliefs. There's plenty of hatred there to start with.
Johnsky, you are quite mistaken. I’m a gay atheist HEAVILY involved in the gay-marriage/equality campaign. Sadly, the majority of voters in CA passed Prop 8 and now I can’t marry another man, not that I would marry because I think it’s an antiquated institution, but I want to have the EQUAL opportunity to do so if I wish.
Group: Los Angeles Gay Atheists for Equality (LAGAE)
No, that has not been my experience. Some may feel uncomortable around them, but those are people who probably have never been around them much to begin with.
Quite right. The question is strange to me. As a hetro, with out religious delusions, gays are not a threat to my genetic reproduction (as I comprehend that my genes are selfish, and whish to be reproduced), but rather a benifit, as they are not in compatition. Has this question been posted by a theist troll?
I found a couple of studies that suggest that homosexuality in men increases female fertility in the maternal line. It was pretty nifty. They're in a reply on here somewhere . . .

As an asexual, I'm confused as to why ANYBODY would want to bother with sex, and would get offended by who's doing what with whom, but I can accept that it's a drive that most people have, one that I don't fully comprehend, and move on from there. ^_^
I think I've heard an atheist say he was against gay marriage, but that was only part of a larger argument in which he said he thought marriage itself shouldn't be a matter of the state. That's about the closest I've heard before.

Oh, wait. I do know a guy who's sort of a 'cultural atheist' (his parents are Japanese) and he said "that's gay" once.
I fall under this category. I'd prefer it if there were no government acknowledgment of marriage at all, but as long as there is, I feel rights of gays should be equal to those of heterosexuals.
I agree with this statement.
I have yet to hear a purely secular objection to gay marriage yet. It's no coincidence that there's a huge overlap between atheism and being pro gay rights. It seems that most religions want to own the concept of marriage as their exclusive property and expect everyone else to hold their sacred things sacred. I am in a hetersexual state recognised marriage that had no religion in it ever, not even the ceremony. I don't hold their wafer/symbols/marriage sacred and although I respect their rights to hold them sacred, they don't seem to want to extend the same courtesy.
Excluding those who think the church has no place in any legal contract, nope.
I am a we should not need special rights or laws kind of guy, if all thing were equal that is. There is far to much legal discussion on "who is a person" still, and I wish it was something we were past as a society.

I don't like needless laws cluttering up our legal books, it makes the law a little too complicated and unwieldy, if only because to me it seems to be an unnecessary clarification.

However as long as some group would discriminate or attack another, those laws need to exist. If someone says you can't do this action (within reason) and then turns to me and says but you can, there needs to be something in law to stop that from becoming action.

I believe in anyones right to marriage as long as it is considered something like a right and is represented by a legal state of being. I am not sure how I feel about marriage however as anything more then a nice idea, but not really needed.


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